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Modified the game with Near Infinity. Will I have multiplayer issues?

RazielLewachRazielLewach Member Posts: 20
EDITED: You can forget this question. I passed my Near Infinity modified files and the dialogues to my partner and our game crashed hard... we lost the save games and we had to load a save from some days ago. I'M NEVER TOUCHING NEAR INFINITY EVER AGAIN. Only to create .eff effects. NOTHING ELSE! It was true that modifying the dialogue files fucked everything...

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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,549
    @RazielLewach, she will still have her dialog.tlk so will not see any text changes. You could probably still play but any new item she gets is likely to have invalid statements in its description or the description of the item copied. She just needs to know that if you don't get the opportunity to modify her system first.


  • RazielLewachRazielLewach Member Posts: 20
    I already gave her my dialogues. I assumed we both had the same dialogues and that's why it was right (installed the same mods). Maybe that was the problem? Still.. What happend is all NPCs got bugged, items disappeared from inventories and jumped between NPCs... was a mess and had to reload an old savegame. Maybe the only way is to make it as a mod and make her install it? Too messy... I won't risk again like that, I'll only touch EE Keeper xD

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