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Concerning Animate Dead

I am a little confuse and would like someone with high knowledge about this game to clarify my confusion. I start a bhaal difficulty game as an elven fighter /mage. I specialize in the longbow for now because enemies explode me in one easy hit at this point otherwise. After Gorion's death, I recruit Imoen, Montaron, and Xzar. I was careless at bhaal difficulty and assume Montaron as a fighter could tank a wolf. I was wrong, he got exploded at the first encounter with a normal wolf. After kiting and ranged attack the wolf for a minute, I manage to kill it. Poor Montaron died. I notice his partner is a necromancer, so I got a twisted idea. Maybe I could use Xzar and give him an early animate dead spell to bring back Montaron as a skeleton warrior to tank for us since my current team is a wizard and 2 ranged bowmen. I load up EE keeper and give him animate dead spell but he is only summoning crumbling skeletons that die after 1 seconds. I give him some experience point to boost his level to 4 and now he is summoning skeleton warrior. All good. I continued playing. Wow the skeleton warrior can sure tank. After I got to Naskel, I usually drop off Xzar like most of my playthru, but I sure missed the skeleton warrior tanking for me. So I go into EEkeeper again, and give my chaotic good protagonist which is currently a lvl 4/4 fighter /mage the same animate dead spell like the one I gave Xzar. To my confusion, my protagonist can only summon crumbling skeletons that drop dead after one seconds. Can someone with know about this explain why Xzar can summon skeleton warrior at lvl 4 while my fighter/mage can not.


  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    It looks like you had given your character the wrong Animate Dead spell. You gave your character a special version of Animate Dead that's used by the necromancer Llyrk in the Black Pits, which summons a weak "Crumbling Skeleton."

    If you want to give your character an innate version of Animate Dead that summons skeleton warriors, go in EEKeeper again and give your character the spell that has the filename SPCL106.

  • ConjurerDragonConjurerDragon Member Posts: 100
    What is the mage level of Xzar and what is the mage level of your own character?

    According to the SRD description of the spell Animate Dead you can’t animate more than twice the HD of undead than your caster level, maximum 4 HD.

    If your Fighter/Mage has a lower mage level than Xzar then Xzar can summon more HD of undead.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 339
    The SRD does not apply. It's based on 3rd edition, while the Baldur's Gate series is based on 2nd edition.

    The 5th level mage/3rd level cleric spell Animate Dead in BGEE/BG2EE summons a single skeleton warrior, of up to 9 HD based on caster level. The innate version mentioned by OlvynChuru might or might not scale the same way, but it would be based on the character's level averaged across all classes they have. In Xzar's case, that would be mage (necromancer) normally, or the average of mage and cleric levels if he dual-classes.

  • lancelot2141980lancelot2141980 Member Posts: 2
    Tho, I don't understand any of the clarification offered by you guys, OlvynChuru's suggestion hit the nail hard on this. Apparently I give my pro the wrong animated dead spell. Haha thanks OlvynChuru.

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