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Can't buy Greater Restoration from Belegarm

ArviaArvia Member Posts: 953
I have no mods installed. Has anyone had the same problem before?

When I want to buy a Greater Restoration scroll from Belegarm in SoD, I select one, and it shows the price for two scrolls, and I can't buy it, even if I have enough money for 20 scrolls. It shows a small "1" in the frame, but the price for 2. I also can't select more scrolls. It shows the appropriate screen, but when I select 3 or 4 and confirm, the store inventory still shows only 1 selected scroll and the price for 2 scrolls.
I also can't unselect it to buy something else. I have to close the store and talk to the merchant again to buy something else.

The problem can be reproduced. I have rested, walked somewhere else, restarted the game... still the same issue.
Also, it didn't happen with other items, just Greater Restoration.
And I tried again when the Fist moved from Coastway Crossing to the Coalition Camp. Still the same.

I bought Greater Restoration scrolls successfully from the druid in the forest later. It's only Belegarm.

Is this a known problem?
Should I report it as a bug?



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