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Unable to Launch Game Windows 10

fubeca6fubeca6 Member Posts: 2
Good Morning All - I apologize if this type of problem has been reported before; I did do a search but didn't find anything that matched my issue, and I'm hoping someone else has seen (and resolved) this before. Here's the issue:

PST: EE won't launch in Windows 10 - either from GOG Galaxy or directly from the EXE. In both cases, the icon shows up in my task bar and I can hear the starting music, very loud and choppy, but nothing ever appears on screen. In order to end it, I have to kill it with Task Manager.

I have a Dell Precision M 4700 Laptop with AMD Radeon Pro 555X OpenGL Engine, DirectX 9.0c. I've uninstalled and reinstalled OpenAL. I've also messed with the "SetPrivateProfileString('Window','Full Screen','0')" and "SetPrivateProfileString('Window','Maximized','0')" settings, without avail.

I've submitted a ticket to Beamdog Support on Saturday but as of today (Thursday) I haven't heard back yet.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing or have any tips on how to resolve it?

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