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I thought i was romancing jaheira, but it was delusion...

I'm in chapter 2 almost 3 of the game, and i thought jaheira and i were getting along really well. I had heard she was a slow romance, so i was willing to wait.

Then I finally got curious bec no progress in quite a while, and use my pc to do a clua check on JaheiraRomanceActive - it actually said the global didn't even exist! Low score in the emotional intelligence, apparently.

I thought for sure two women, including a gnome or halfling charname, could romance - it went great with viconia in my only other bg2 runthrough many years go! But now i see that i must've had some mod that time.

Seems i need to try to figure out how to do a tweaks anthology install into pc and then copy the required files to android - but is that even safe to do mid-game?

I'd hate to start over but no romance (anomen left in a huff when we got stuck too long in another dimension in the planar sphere, while "we neglected his sister's rotting corpse") is a big disappointment.


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