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Solutions for bugs encountered on console so far...

Trying a Torment run on the Switch. Encountered some weird issues and crashes right out the gate... problem solved some of them.
Spoilers follow:

First, don't get dressed up as a zombie in the Mortuary before talking to Deionarra, she doesn't appear, even if you switch out of zombie mode. Tried leaving the floor, doesn't reset, and this is a repeatable behavior in a new game.

Second, if you leave the Mortuary as a zombie through the portal, after you exit the little room into Sigil, your cursor is whisked away to a completely black screen and can only move in a tiny square, if you press down on the right stick though, it resets you to your proper location.

Third, if you have the armor glyph spells from the giant skeletons in the Mortuary in your inventory when talking to merchants, the game crashes. Even if you reload and drop off the glyphs, the merchants can get wonky and crash the game. Merchants in general seem buggy. Sometimes they only buy stuff they sell, sometimes they buy everything and crash the game.

Not sure it is a bug, but thug behavior isn't what I remember either, especially around the Smoldering Corpse, I'm being continual stalked by all thugs sometimes, everyone going hostile and chasing me around the map and then waiting at the same exit when I return. I remember two or three hostiles occasionally, but not every thug on the map ambushing me on returning to an area. Makes for an interesting experience.

Had a few more random crashes transitioning areas, but no apparent pattern yet, can't tell what is causing it.

I really like the game on console once I figured out the controls. Still need to figure out how to assign quick items in the menu, but that is about the last thing I need to figure out. Console seems more buggy than pc currently however, hopefully some of these issues will be addressed.


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,642
    Thanks! We'd appreciate if you could also file these at
  • Vonbek777Vonbek777 Member Posts: 135
    Encountered a new game breaking bug. In the Construct Maze, when you reach the wizard, the game autopauses after talking to the wizard, and basically freezes. You can't unpause or doing anything but close the game and restart. I've tried turning autopause off, but it still freezes after finishing talking to the wizard. Only Nordom in my party, going to try to take more companions back and see if I have the same problem.
  • Vonbek777Vonbek777 Member Posts: 135
    Okay, went back with a full party, with autopause enemy sighted, game still locked up, but without autopause enemy sighted, game didn't lock up until wizard construct fired the canon spell, then game got stuck on the spell animation. Reloaded, tried again, this time no lock up at all. My guess is the scripts are very picky.
  • Tommy123Tommy123 Member Posts: 27
    How far is the game yet regarding patches? The described bugs above seem to be serious. Are these fixed now.

    I planned to play Planescape Torment again over christmas on the switch. But if there are still bugs like these I think i will step back in favor of another game.
  • cosmicosmocosmicosmo Member Posts: 1
    No patches. The game crashes constantly. It's basically unplayable for me.
  • snugglebeardsnugglebeard Member Posts: 1
    Any word on the patch for consoles? I can't advance in the game. My inventory is full and I can't sell anything. and my party needs to rest, but I can't use the inn because it crashes.

    I want to pick up Neverwinter Nights for the switch also, but I might just stick to the PC version in case it has bugs too.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,642
    No patches have been announced, sorry. Please report the issues you encounter at
  • jgojgo Member Posts: 2
    Any updates? It has been half a year and the game is still unplayable...
  • Gamey_JamieGamey_Jamie Member Posts: 22
    Hey @jgo I feel your frustration too! Feel like I've been sold a faulty item and there's zero communication from Beambog on what they're doing - I'd rather know if they were never going to do something so I could start using my copy of the game as a beer mat or hang it from my window like a dreamcatcher.
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