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Can't buy from Bernard b/c tavern wench standing on top of him.

Anyone else run into this problem (2 NPCs occupying the same place at the same time in violation of the laws of physics)? Anyone have any suggestions?
If it matters, this is after clearing out the old management of the bar.


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,374
    I've heard of the problem in other cases.
    Did you try cntr+Y the tavern wench? Reloading a 100th times? Waiting an hour in case one of the characters makes random walks?
    Hm, maybe there's a possibility to edit the savegame to give one of them other coordinates - not sure though, never done that with non-joinable NPCs.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,750
    if you have the game on PC you could probably use NI and see if you can change their coordinates

    or, if you get lucky, they might "uncombine" what usually happens, is if two sprites get stuck on each other and if they are both trying to move they will continue to be stuck

    but if one is stopped and the other tries to move, then they should seperate

    and if the tavern wench is in the way, and the above two don't work then you will probably have to crtl+y her

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,137
    What about spawning a new bernard via console and talking to that one instead?

  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 46
    I think Bernard is pretty happy where he is. Some of those barmaids are pretty ladies, and Bernard is not exactly a pretty man. Hes onto a good thing and knows it.
    Publican ignores customers because he too busy chatting up the barmaid. A tale as old as mankind

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