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Funny or strange things found in the files and scripts of BG:EE

I've been messing around with the Near Infinity explorer/editor to see how parts of the game are put together. There are some funny things buried in there that I've stumbled across and wanted to share.
  • There's a dialogue file called KOBOLD.DLG which simply says "I am a dork." The condition which would trigger this dialogue is set to false, which as far as I can tell means it should never happen. It doesn't look like it's assigned to any creature either, so it's likely just a file for testing. Still, would've been funny if a kobold somewhere in the game would call himself a dork under certain circumstances. :)
  • The ogre mage at the end of the Firewine Ruins is apparently named "Dick" (or perhaps he is a dick). The condition for completing the quest given by Gandolar in Gullykin to stop the kobold attacks is written as Dead("DICK") // Ogre Mage, meaning it's checking whether Dick is dead to give you your quest reward.
  • In Alatos' thieves guild quest to steal skyship components, there is a global variable involved called...ASSNUTS. The variable is set when he gives you the quest and appears to change Delorna's dialogue when you speak to her and ask for her component.
  • Denak is one of the red wizards found in the Spider Wood area in the east part of the map. Normally he will either greet you with some hostility and attack, or else speak cryptically to Edwin if he is in your party and leave you alone. This dialogue file is called DENAK.DLG (as most NPC dialogue files are named). However there is a second dialogue file for him which is unused, identical to the first but missing the unique Edwin dialogue. This file is named...DENFUCK.DLG.
  • The dialogue file for the Amnian soldier who yells at you for entering the Nashkel barracks is HICK.DLG. Again...not sure if his name is Hick, or if he is a hick.
  • A funny little test file of dialogue with a man named Jim: Up5Jxmg.png
  • There are two identical dialogue files named SCOTTY.DLG and SPANKY.DLG that are not assigned to anyone which appear to be a brief barroom insult back-and-forth, starting out with "You're an ugly bastard, eh?"
  • A conversation called TEST2.DLG apparently for testing purposes: AnG6E7E.png The NPC would only say "I have more than 25 HP" if their HP was over 25 (shocker). You are only allowed to reply "Glorf" if the NPC has over 127 HP.



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