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DaelonDuluc is BRAND NEW to Baldur's Gate!

So I've been hearing about Baldur's for years as the original and best RPG ever made.

As I was wandering about Best Buy on Saturday, I happened across a copy of the newest version for the PS4 and decided to get it.

I have started, with a Neutral Evil thief, but am going to restart tonight as a Half Elf Mage Thief.

Loving it!

Since I played so much D&D and AD&D as both player and Dungeon Master and even worked with both Tactical and TSR on module development back in the day (yes... I'm old!), I was pleasantly surprised to see how similar it is to the actual tabletop games!

I am wondering though about co-op and/or multiplayer. Does it exist here?

Anyway, greatly enjoying it and glad there's a forum of like minded folks to enjoy it with.

Thanks all!



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