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Can't log in to the website

arQonarQon Member Posts: 21
Yes, I know this isn't the right forum - but since I can't log in to the website or the "Support" portal, I'm kind of out of options: this is the only piece that's working.

Everyone who isn't from BD can just ignore this post and move on. Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Earlier today I tried to log in and got a "Login authentication failed" message. There is no question that the username and password I used was correct.

Did a password reset, and the "log me in and continue" link worked fine. Logged out and attempted to log in again, in the same browser session, with the new password, and am again getting "Login authentication failed."

Firefox is set to allow cookies from all of "", and NoScript has all of "" marked as Trusted.
Where / what cookies are you trying to set, and / or where are you running your login script from (if any) ?

Please let me know what needs to be done to get the website to work properly. Thanks.

When I tried to use the support page, I got a "The CAPTCHA verification failed. Please try again" - because there IS no CAPTCHA! I can see the domain in the NoScript menu, but this tab already has NoScript disabled in it, so there's nothing more I can do about that.

Similar experience when I tried to create a "support" account through the godawful zendesk. It refused to let me create the account because, again, failed.

I get that you need to stop bots from spamming everything in sight, and I'm fine with you passing the support burden to zendesk, even though it's garbage. But not being able to log in to the main site is a problem - and since I can do it via the password reset link, the issue isn't my setup so much as it's something not quite right in the site's cookie handling. I don't mind working around it, but I can't do that without knowing exactly what it's doing wrong in the first place wrt using some random third party for the cookies / scripts / etc.
It was fine several months ago the last time I tried, but probably far too long ago to be helpful with working out what broke it and when, sorry.

This is with Firefox 70 + NoScript, on Linux. FF70 is a lot less tolerant of third-party trackers etc, so I'm guessing that's the other half of the cause, but I'm not going to reconfigure my entire browser setup for a defect in a single site, much though I love you guys :) - you need to the fix the problem on your end, and / or provide enough info for customers to work around the issues with the website.

If you have any questions you can reach me at the email you have on record for me. Thanks.


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