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Web too powerful



  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 922
    edited November 2019
    What do you mean not useful indoors? My party uses it indoors more than they do outdoors! As long as your are prepared, it can definitely slow the pace of everyone to the point that they are manageable, and I normally like to have the party put down three or four, spaced across a few rounds, to solve the saves issue. You might save from the first couple, but good luck saving 3 or 4 times every round. (for those who are exceptionally lucky, a bit of grease under the web helps) Once everyone is nice and stuck, you have a lot more options for dealing with the situation. As far as I'm concerned, web is an awesome crowd control spell - as long as you are prepared for it ahead of time.

    As an aside, my last run through BG1 was won with web. The party laid down enough web to fill the temple, then kited the bad guys into it. A few fireballs later, and only Sarevok was left, and he was near death. Minsc, with Spider Bane, finished him off pretty quickly. Other than a few lucky hits with arrows, most of that party was untouched.

    As for its use in traps, there are a few very simple ways to solve the problem. First, bring on a thief with high traps or give them potions to raise their skills. Second, make either the whole party, or a single stringer, invisible with a long-lasting potion/spell. Have them trigger the web, then wait it out. Problem solved. (Except for the traps in Durlag's Tower, level 4 - those don't disappear when triggered) I will note that the web traps in Cloakwood are fairly difficult to avoid if you want to complete everything on the map. In fact, I think you are guaranteed to go through at least one or two just to get to the next area - as there is a bottleneck just south of the entry area.

    As for the OP's barbarian? By the time that PC gets to Cloakwood, they surely have seen people seem to disappear into thin air. I can't imagine it would have taken that character more than a few times before they got curious and asked a shopkeep or village shaman about it. The solution for this adventuring barbarian is one of several potions. As long as he trusts the shopkeep, literacy isn't required.

  • BelacRLJBelacRLJ Member Posts: 51
    For glitterdust, if you have a 2-handed weapon you can attack in melee without being "next to" the enemy for blindness purposes. Its problem is short range, so you want to use it once your fighters are in the enemy's face so they don't target the caster.

    For Horror, you don't need to chase those that run away, unless they're mages. Switch to ranged weapons and shoot at them, or just kill the closest ones/ones that made their saves.

    I find the Horror/Chaos/Rigid Thinking type spells much harder to deal with than Web, when cast on me. Web can be handed via positioning and ranged weapons, but loss of control of a character is more challenging to overcome.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,569
    ironically if im not mistaken, coran doesnt possess enough "disarm traps" score you disable the webs in the cloak wood ( unless you make him a join at a higher level )

    i believe you need 60% to be able to disarm the web traps

  • SoidoSoido Member Posts: 172
    edited November 2019
    Looks like I have increased his Find Traps skill to 70% and he is able to disarm them. He is Level 5/5 below but good call for anyone planning to use Coran. He starts with very low Find Traps skill of 20% when recruited.


  • SoidoSoido Member Posts: 172
    Indeed on the screenshot with the ettercaps, as someone suggested, the web is a trap. I first thought that it was the ettercaps casting web. But it is a trap, and I walked right into it. So you might not experience a web during that random encounter. The trap is little bit northwest of the starting position of the encounter. And I moved my archers towards the trap to move them away from the approaching ettercaps and to position them for shooting but it is a scripted trap, and a good one at that. Well done. If I have sent Coran towards the trap he would have seen it but it was Kivan who triggered it. The encounter is an ambush so not able to scout the area in advance as with regular maps.

  • BelacRLJBelacRLJ Member Posts: 51
    The web trap on the ettercap ambush only triggers if you try to run away. If you fight the ettercaps, you have no reason to approach the location of the trap.

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 922
    BelacRLJ wrote: »
    The web trap on the ettercap ambush only triggers if you try to run away. If you fight the ettercaps, you have no reason to approach the location of the trap.

    This is generally true for ettercaps (unlike spiders). Their traps are designed to keep you from running from the action. As an aside, if you run into ettercaps in an ambush area, do NOT run to either side to flee. Flee to the north.

    Fortunately, in the case of both spiders and ettercaps, invisibility works wonders. Yes, you get stuck, but you have all day to get unstuck. Wait it out and walk on. What is REALLY hilarious is when your party is invisible and phase spiders "attack". They will randomly circle the party, but unable to see you, can't do squat. A few summons prepared ahead of time can take them out easily while your party stands and watches.

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