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Experience Bug for Multiclass F/M/C @ 53666 Exp Points (Nintendo Switch)?

lenselense Member Posts: 4
Hey guys i am soloing a Fighter-Mage-Cleric and the char is stuck in chapter 4 at 53666 Experience Points for each character class playing enhanced edition on Nintendo Switch. Is this the level cap @ 161k exp or a bug? I soloed a Fighter-Mage-Thief years ago in the Vanilla GoG-edition of Tales of the Sword Coast and when i remember right, my char went way beyond that Exp while i finished the game. All my character classes of the char are stuck at level six. My FMT got L8 Character classes, if i remember right. I did not use any xp-mods. But it can be that i used this mod, which fuses Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 into the Baldurs Gate 2 Engine. Thx for help :-)

PS: my hope was, that you char enters the whole Baldus Gate universe and can get as much exp in a scenario, until the 8 million exp cap for throne of bhaal is reached.

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