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Holy symbols and Cloaks player handbook

ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 461
Added all the player handbook holy symbols.
Working on cloaks of all the Deities also.

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  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 461
    Update picture to show working cloaks also.

  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 461
    Updated plain cloak to have a interior color and fix icon to match.

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 734
    edited December 2
    If you want to do the Faerunian pantheon have a look at the CCC April 2011: Religious Items and Symbols. You might be able to adapt the holdable ones from there as well.

  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 461
    If you want to do the Faerunian pantheon have a look at the CCC April 2011: Religious Items and Symbols. You might be able to adapt the holdable ones from there as well.

    Yeah I built mine off his. I did not like how the medallions did not have metal casing around them so added that. I also wanted add the casing so I can put circle runic symbols on them. I connected the ropes. I set up a layer system that easy to make a bunch easy. I might do some others. I also want to do some really detailed one that are model out like the unicorn and others.

  • T0R0T0R0 Member Posts: 67
    edited December 4
    Good stuff ShadowM.. IF I may, couple of suggestions..

    1. Colors are too bright,, looks cartoony. They need some photoshop grunging or texturing,
    2. The symbol on the cloak seems low. An alternate idea, how about making the clasp on the front the symbol (maybe a bit larger).
    3. Perhaps a little danglymesh on the cord .. (or reshape the cord a bit to make it seem like its dangling)

    Great stuff tho ! Keep em' comin..

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  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 461
    Thank you for the feedback @TarotRedhand , sorry did not that in the previous comment.
    Thank you @T0R0 for the feedback also. These are all work in progress and I have my normal job so things are not going as fast as they would if I were off, like the runes have not been added either yet.
    On the suggestions.
    1. They look kinda bright up close, but If I darken them or smudge them then average distance make them hard to see. I think about some grunging.
    2. I debating on the height location, up higher look (by the shoulders actually look kinda dorky like superman cape. I like the idea of the clasp with the symbol (like both the clasp and on back) I look into there might be some limitations with the parts base item.
    3. The whole symbol model has danglymesh on it, so it does move about the same amount as the ones from CCC. You cannot see that in the picture. The reason I kept it not so tight is I was testing it with fingers hands version (which are out there and like Aribeth) so I have to go back look where the rope show up in there hands, but I more then likely tighten it up so it look like it has more weight.

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 734
    A good source of free (for non-commercial use) gimp/PShop brushes (i.e. for runes) is Obsidian Dawn. Also a good research resource regarding cloaks is Lisa's First Stab at Fancy Schmancy Cloaks from 2003 (i.e. SoU).


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