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"Fixing" Cleric\Stalker Backstab

Hey guys. After a full week of mulling over what Char should I play I decided on Cleric\Stalker multi (using EEKeeper). I jlnever made it through the whole Saga with one Char (changed them mid-game with EEK) and this one looks flexible enough to pull it off.

But, as some of you know, after modifying a Cleric\Ranger the character sheet says "Backstab multiplayer x0".

Best case would be to have a functional BS that develops correctly with character progression. But, if I have to change it manually every couple of levels, that's fine. I just know some basics with EEKeeper but I can learn more or Near Infinity.

Anybody has ideas or actual fixes for the issue? (Just btw, with some research - this is NOT similar case to Dual Assassin "bug")



  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,707
    edited December 2019
    You would need something like Near Infinity to fix this yourself. I don't think you can edit Backstab multipliers with EEKeeper.

    I once played an edited Berserker->Shadowdancer dual class, and had a similar problem of the backstab multiplier being too high, so I made a simple mod with which I could manually reduce the multiplier by 1. A quick edit, and I made it able to increase the multiplier by 1. I will upload both here.

    Here is how it works:
    You can only use one of these at a time! To use the backstab increaser, just extract the files inside to your override folder. Then boot up your game and use the console to create a scroll of the MDK2 spell with the following code:
    Once you do that, equip the scroll to any character's quick slot, and then use it on the character who's backstab multiplier you wish to increase. If you need to switch to the reducer, then you need to extract those files to your override folder instead, replacing the increaser files if you were using them earlier.

    So, in your case, you would need to use 2 of my backstab increaser scrolls on your character to get the correct multiplier of x2.

  • KonerKoner Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2019
    Are you Santa? Thanks very much! :smiley:

    I'll report how it works.

    EDIT: Works exactly as intended. Awesome! Thank you again @Tresset

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