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Help: BG1NPC Project Shar-Teel Romance Stall

Hello and sorry in advance for how new I am to Infinity Engine modding.

The base issue I'm hoping to get some help with is this: I'm making the first evil playthrough of my many times through the game, and I'm trying to run through the BG1NPC Project's Shar-Teel romance at the same time. But the romance seems to have stalled out--I've spent more than enough time in-game, and hit only the first conversation, with no follow-up.

Most of the party's already hit level 4, so I'd really like not to have to restart altogether; I'm hoping for a console solution. But I only barely figured out how to enable the console, and I still haven't pieced together how to check variables on the new .LUA/Debug Mode version--all the clear instructions I can find are for the old .INI/Enable Cheats setup. (Hence why I'm posting here rather than the Gibberlings3 forums.) So I can't even tell yet if I still have a save in which the scripts were still going like I want. And when that happens, I'm gonna want help deciding whether it's possible/safe to console my way into continuing the romance from there.


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