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HELP) My sorcerer can't save Sunfire in Spell Trigger





I'm playing a Icewind Dale EE on PC.

Great game, enjoying so far.

However, there's a one problme with a Level 8 Spell "SPELL TRIGGER",

My character is level 30 Sorcerer, and when I use "Spell Trigger" to store Level 5 Spell "SUNFIRE",

There are too many spell of Level 5 Spell "SPELL IMMUNITY".

Therefore I can't store "Sunfire" into "Spell Trigger"

I've rolled my mouse wheel, pressed all of my keyboard's button,

but nothing happens to store "Sunfire" spell.

Can anyone help with it?

Or does anyone know how to contact Beamdog? Because I wanted to ask them myself but I coulnd't find their contact info.

Thank you.


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