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Question about EE Keeper

Hi. I'm on my first bg playthrough and since I'm not experienced player I messed up Imoen thieving skills.
I wanted to redistribute her points by using EE Keeper (
I changed only her skills, nothing more and loaded the modified save.
I checked stats and everything was alright but then I discovered that my characters' spells and abilities have been refreshed and their keybinds have been changed. For example: I used up Ajantis' Lay on Hands (under F1 key) in normal save, when I loaded modifed save the ability was refreshed and it swapped keybind to F3.
I don't mind those changes but I don't know whether something more important has been changed too.
I wanna be sure it won't break my game and I will be able to import the save to bg2.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,726
    Hi @Sasaryszek and welcome. There is an option in EEKeeper (Settings/Spells) that you can turn off that will prevent refreshing the spells. I am unsure why the key bindings would have changed as the config details for them (if changed) are kept in baldur.lua... In saying that however, I don't change very many bindings, I just add new ones.

    There should be no reason that EEKeeper would be changing any variables in the saved game. I have used it across all the games and have had no problems with variables.

    Hope that helps

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