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[v1.010] Skitia's NPCs For BG2:EE and EET

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What does a snobby elf, a scrappy halfling, a scribing gnome, an elderly dwarf, and an angelic archer have in common? Nothing. But together, they can form around you as your adventuring family. But whether it is tight-knit or dysfunctional depends on your choices and treatment of them.

Reintroducing Skitia's NPCs from BG:EE and SoD into BG2:EE, each character has their own quests and goals, with a relationship system that is responsive to your decisions and actions. They'll offer their commentary and opinions, and if your actions mirror their words you'll find they'll get closer to you and fight harder. If they don't, you may find they grow to dislike you, perhaps even leaving, or in very serious cases, turn against you.

Not interested in using all five? Mix and match with the classic or EE NPCs and they'll banter, bond, and interact with them just as well.

Desiring a bit of down time? The new rest talk system allows you to converse with an NPC while resting. Every once in a while you'll have the opportunity to check on a companion, sharing a drink (or bed if they are a loved one), or engaging in some activity with them. At release this will include only Skitia's NPCs, but if there's positive reception and desire, will be expanded to include the chance to interact with original NPCS.



"The family expectation is to be perfect: Charming in decorum, flawless in decision-making, and always saying the right words. My father does that. Me? I just always say the wrong thing somehow."

"I'm game for sharing." Emily would quip when you ask about her past, before eagerly launching into details of her childhood. She grew up on her father's estate southeast of Borst in the lands of Tethyr, where she stayedoften in seclusion, hiding her visibly elven features with tricks of the hair or hat wear at her parent's insistence, though this did nothing to hide the golden eyes of her lesser understood aasimar heritage. Still, her father was determined to let few suspect she was not the product of his wife, which resulted in loneliness and very few friends. Finding the isolation frustrating, she talks of late night sneak outs, watching the estate guards in their archery practice or escaping the lands entirely, often into trouble and earning herself a stern lecture from the guard captain or her father. She was born to do good, and she won't ignore the weight of her heritage, even at the cost of noble opinion, house politics or a concerned father.

Race: Aasimar
Class: Arcane Archer (Or Arcane Archer/Fighter, or just Archer without the Artisan's Kitpack)
Alignment: Neutral Good
STR: 12
DEX: 17
CON: 14
INT: 16
WIS: 14
CHA: 16
Proficiencies: Longbow, Crossbow
Starting Area: Mithrest Inn
Romance: Any Non-Evil Male Race


"The best life is lived in the cover of war. Only in the darkest dungeon, in the most hostile of territory, is when every breath bursts with life, bursts with the bloody bountiful blessing of the Morndinsamman."

Helga pauses at a question addresses at her past and not the battlefield, her lips forming almost into a grumpy frown. She talks of being a wild child in her youngest years, longing to make her place in the faithful of Haela after being enchanted by the tales of their ferocity and feats. She briefly trails away from the subject, launching into the details of a former battle with the interests of detailing every strike as if she was passionately describing art, not war. But then weariness touches her face, and with a groan she admits her body is not what it used to be. Not even her healing spells can undo all the wear and tear given by growing old. "But I'd rather go out in a blaze than gently." She adds. "I'll know death as nothing else but a foe of equal strength."

Race: Dwarf
Class: Priest of Haela
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
STR: 18
DEX: 14
CON: 15
INT: 11
WIS: 13
CHA: 11
Proficiencies: Warhammer, Flail/Morningstar, Two-Handed Weapon Style, Sword and Shield Style
Starting Area: Den of the Seven Vales
Romance: None

PRIEST OF HAELA: Renown amongst the dwarves for their risk-taking, berserker tendencies, clerics of Haela Brightaxe are loved and feared for their fury when they enter the fray, able to shrug off and deliver dangerous strikes. Most are female, called Kaxanar, or blood maidens, and their name is very much earned in their pleasure in seeking out battle wherever it may be.


-May Cast Hurl Stone Once Per Day. Gains one use at level one and an additional use every five levels thereafter.

HURL STONE: The priest creates a magical stone the size of their palm, which flies out of their hand and into the intended target. The stone does 1d6 direct magic damage per five levels with no save, although it does not bypass magic resistance. If the creature fails a save vs spell, they are also knocked down for two rounds.

-May Cast Flamebolt Once Per Day. Gains one use at level one and an additional use every ten levels thereafter.

FLAMEBOLT: The priest calls forth a holy two-handed blade of flame named after Haela Brightaxe's favored weapon. The caster is treated as a fighter with mastery in the weapon. The magic weapon does 1d10+1 fire damage per 5 levels, with a THACO bonus of 3. The blade acts at a speed factor of nine and lasts for one turn.

-Dwarf only.
-May only be CN, CG, and NG.


Life's more fun when you're right-sized.

Kale gives a wide grin when you ask about himself, clapping you on your back and launching straight into his tale. He claims he was born faster, stronger, and with more courage in his spirit than all the halflings of Gullykin combined. He flashes scars and launches into wild, eyebrow raising tales of how he earned each, from battling one hundred kobolds alone to slapping a dragon in the face. But after a while he grows melancholy and admits that in all of his travels he has lost many companions that he would dearly miss. He says he has changed his style of fighting to be more protective of those he cares about. He'll take any blow for a companion if that means they'll keep standing, if he likes them anyway.
"But the rest?" He adds with a grin once more. "They'll have give me a good offer."

Race: Halfling
Class: Warden
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, may become Lawful Neutral
STR: 16
DEX: 17
CON: 18
INT: 11
WIS: 9
CHA: 12
Proficiencies: Bastard Sword, Sling
Starting Area: Outside the Copper Coronet
Romance: Any Race and Gender

WARDEN: The warden is a warrior whose discipline and traditions center around fighting in pairs. The warden takes on the defensive role in the pair, while the ward receives elevated offensive prowess. Their remarkable protective talents come at the cost of the warden’s skill with weapons being inferior to other fighter traditions.

-Hit Die: d12
-May use the Ward ability once per day. Gains one use at level 1, one use at level eight, and an additional use every eight levels thereafter.

WARD: Designates target as the ward for one turn. It does not stack with itself, and if the ward is changed, the previous ward loses their bonuses.
Level 1: The ward receives +1 damage bonus and -1 THAC0. The warden receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 10% resistance to physical damage and regenerates 1 hitpoint per 6 seconds.
Level 8: The ward receives +2 damage bonus and -2 THAC0. The warden receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 20% resistance to physical damage, and regenerates 1 hitpoint per 3 seconds.
Level 16: The ward receives +3 damage bonus and -3 THAC0. The warden receives penalties for the same amount, but gains 30% resistance to physical damage and regenerates 1 hitpoint per second.

May only become specialized in ranged weapons, and may not exceed mastery in any other weapon.



I always speak of history, of remembering both the ill and good because we cannot forget who we are, or where we came from.

Recorder looks reluctant when you press her about her past, advising that it "isn’t anything grand." A daughter of a priestess and bookbinder, Recorder grew up around with books and tomes in easy reach in a cozy cottage in Lantan. When one day she found sheets and excerpts of music, she fell in love and found her dual passion realized: music and historical recording. When her parents separated and her mother moved to Amn, she purchased a ferret, who she named Gustav, and they've been inseparable since. She does however, apologize in advance if any rations mysteriously go missing. Ferrets, she says, are notorious for not asking first. She keeps a large tome full of notes of both your prior journey and your current one, though is very protective of both any sneak peeks into its contents and damage via blood, magic, or ferret claw.

Race: Gnome
Class: Lorekeeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
STR: 10
DEX: 17
CON: 11
INT: 17
WIS: 15
CHA: 17
Proficiencies: Dagger, Quarterstaff, Crossbow, Single-Weapon Style
Starting Area: Temple of Oghma
Romance: Any Non-Evil Race and Gender

LOREKEEPER: Lorekeepers are bards that focus less on a generalist skill set and lean more towards spell casting, where their prodigious memory and knowledge makes them better casters than most other bards. They make excellent librarians, historians, and advisors with their large capacity for learning and recalling, with their talents ensuring history is not forgotten with the passing of time.

- +20 bonus to lore.
- +2 Spell Slots for every spell level.
- May use SONATA in place of the regular Bard Song.

SONATA: This song provides varying levels of intelligence, save bonuses, and mind protection depending on the level of the bard:

Level 1: +1 Intelligence, +1 Saves vs. Spells, Immunity to Charm and Sleep.
Level 15: +2 Intelligence, +2 Saves vs. Spells, Immunity to Charm, Sleep and Rigid/Feeblemind
Level 20: +3 Intelligence, +3 Saves vs. Spells, Immunity to Charm, Sleep, Rigid/Feeblemind and Confusion

Special HLA: Symphony of Scholars

SYMPHONY OF SCHOLARS: A powerful song unique to Lorekeepers, the song gives the bard a 6 point bonus to their AC, and 10% magic resistance due to the magic of the song. As well, the bard’s party receives +4 Intelligence, +2 to all saves, +5% MR, +15% chance of a critical hit, and immunity to charm, domination, sleep, rigid/feeblemind, confusion, and fear.
This ability replaces the current bard song. It does not stack with Sonata, Enhanced Bard Song or other song sources. Additionally, the Lorekeeper cannot learn both Symphony of Scholars if Enhanced Bard Song is learned, and vice-versa.

- No Pickpocketing Skill.
- Can only be proficient in club, dagger, crossbow, and quarterstaff.


Power rules above all in the realm we live in. The only way to contest power is with power. Even those who complain about power use power in their own way; we call it manipulation. Remember this well, for this is the heart of survival.

Some elves are just awful, but Vienxay insists she is not one of them. She boasts of growing up in comfort and prominence, the eldest, most beautiful, and most intelligent of three sisters, gifted both with the weave and the shadow magic well known to the shadowdancer, which she used to great abandon. She then rants on about how a series of “misunderstandings” had her ousted from Evermeet and wandering the landscape by the scheming of her former mentor. She misses home terribly, both the comforts of her manor and the warmth of nearby family who were far more tolerable of her elf elitism than the human locals of the sword coast. But if the locals dare think they shall disrespect her, she says, they will quickly learn from their mistake.~

Race: Elf
Class: Shadowmage
Alignment: Neutral Evil
STR: 15
DEX: 17
CON: 10
INT: 18
WIS: 10
CHA: 11
Proficiencies: Dagger, Dart, Shortbow
Starting Area: Waukeen's Promenade
Romance: Any Race and Gender

SHADOWMAGE: Shadowmages are mage-thieves that can draw both on shadow magic and the weave, with the cunning and stealth of the shadowdancer and the mage's arsenal of spells.
While shadow magic is not the same as the shadow weave, many are drawn to it and can learn to use it. It's dark magic gives it poor public opinion, and most of its practicioners are non-good.

- + 15% Bonus to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently
- Slippery Mind: +1 bonus to saving throws
- May cast Shadow Jump once per day. Gains one use at thief level 5 and an additional use every 5 levels thereafter.

SHADOW JUMP: Manipulating shadow, the shadowmage teleports to the selected living creature, be it ally or enemy, unseen as per the invisiblity spell. For the next twelve seconds, they gain +2 to their backstab modifier and remain unseen until they make an attack.

- Alignment restricted to any non-lawful and non-good
- Backstab multiplier is one less than an unkitted Thief, cannot backstab until level 5.
- May only distribute 20 skill points per level (30 at level 1) among thieving skills
- Cannot Hide in Plain Sight.
- Cannot put points into Set Traps
- Hit Die: d5

Q: How many quests are there total?
A: Each NPC has one major quest tied to themselves. Some are spanned out in segments, possibly extending for a few chapters, while others can be completed in a single chapter if so desired, while others may have part of the story in SoA, and another small portion that concludes it in ToB. Most are about as long as the typical NPC quests of the original Bioware companions.
Q: What is the content rating of the mod?
A: Most content is T. The Rest Talks are a very soft M, but if desired for the main release, I can separate the Rest Talks as an optional component.
Q: Will they conflict with other party members?
A: Emily will not join with Dorn or Hexxat and will force you to choose. Dorn's murderous quest is a quick way to scare off Recorder with harsh approval loses if you aren't careful.
For Romance Conflicts, they will eventually bring up any other concurrent going on romance and ask the PC to choose.
Q: What is Approval?
A: Approval is the relationship system that measures the NPC's happiness with the player's actions. This is determined by quest decisions and responses during conversations with the particular character while they are in the party. If approval sinks too low, they may leave for good. If it becomes high, two of their core abilities will increase by 1 permanently, even if approval later drops.
Q: What are Rest Talks?
A: Rest Talks are conversations that occur occasionaly when the rest button is pressed. The player can choose to rest immediately or speak to one of the five custom NPCs. They could talk over a fire, join them on watch, drink with them, ask them to join them in bed if in a romance, and other fluff. The general content is a very soft M, and if desired, this can be split into an optional component.
Q: Are there multiple epilogues?
A: Yes. They vary depending on if a romance was pursued, and what choices were made in their personal quests/goals, and for Kale, if Mazzy is in the party and Kale has become Lawful Neutral, and neither are romanced by any mods or the like.
Q: Can I request Crossmod Content with...
A: Absolutely. If you have other NPC mods you'd want them to cross with, post some suggestions, and I'll seek out permission. There is currently crossmod with Petsy and Yvette, with more coming in the future.
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    Petsy, and Yvette
    I can give you permission for those already. Just let me know when you have some stuff so I could take a look. Unless you want to create those talks from scratch with me. I'm open for such approach, too. Cheers!
    [Deleted User]ilduderino
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    Awesome, I will probably throw some things at you in a couple of weeks.

    I'm keeping a progress percentage on this mod so people can follow how close I am to being done. All of the Join/Depart dialogue, kits and associated spells, and NPC data is set, and I'm presently working on their quests, which is the biggest part of the work.

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    @LavaDelVortel You wouldn't happen to have an alternative download site for Petsy and Yvette? I think my downloads of those are on another, sadly unoperational PC, and Spellhold Studios is still down. I can live without Petsy as I remember her well, but I don't remember Yvette's speaking style as well.

    Progress Report:
    -Finished most of the dialogue for two quests, and three to go. I don't have any ToB quests planned, but I will probably add an event fun thank you to the player that occurs if you have all five NPCs in your party.

    -I've been considering a Rest Talks Component, where every few game days during a rest, the PC can spend a small bit of time with one of the NPCs in the party, checking in on them or chatting, like you might in camp in Bioware's Dragon Age and the like. Instead of just having it for mine, I'm considering branching it out for all NPCs. A lot of NPCs still don't have friendship mods, so it would be an immersive opportunity to sit down and get to know your companions better before you rest. It wouldn't be as extensive as an actual friendship mod (Probably 3 unique conversations and then some random looping bonding event in case you really just want to visit Jan seven times for his great stories). It'd also be slightly different if it was romanced.

    Speaking of Jan, I definitely look forward to writing banters for him.

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    i like that idea. it would help the ee characters the most as they just sort of stop talking once you do their quests and unlike the vanilla npcs don't have as many lts so the romance is not as long and they feel not as fleshed out.

    atlest that was my impression when i played with neera and did her romance.
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    Progress Report #2

    -Have all of Kale's quest sketched out now and quite a bit of it scripted with dialogue set up, as well as set up its intersections with Helga's quest. I've purposefully allowed the quest to work with pickpocketing, gold, doing what the NPC asks, or outright killing as solutions to make progress in places. I've always appreciated multiple paths like that, even if most players will probably only choose one or two ever.

    -Emily will have a new portrait for BG2. The others will retain their old ones, unfortunately I don't have enough money to get them all a professional artist like Recorder had. It's the same artist as Recorders, so their styles will be more in tune, which is fitting, as they are friends.

    -Next week's work will center on Recorder's quest, then Vienxays, and then I'll spend the rest of the month finishing any missing details up from each. I've noticed that my quests in BG1 and even SoD were a lot easier to do as they tended to be one or two scene quests for the most part. All of the quests so far are at least three or more "scenes" so they take a bit longer to develop.

    -Still trying to determine a good number of love talks for each NPC. Aerie and Anomen are around a reasonable 20-24 love talks so that is probably the range I will work with. The friendship path will count for about four of the first four for love talks and stop around ten or so if one maintains the friendship instead.

    Once all the quest work is done, the mod will probably move along a lot faster. The present 10-20% of the bar is designated just for quest work alone. I can chug out talks and conversations in down time at work pretty easily, banters will be the only other long-term work due to the sheer number of characters.
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    Progress Report #3

    • Finished all the quest dialogue and most of the scripting for Recorder last week, but this week I'll move on to Vienxay, before finishing whatever quest work is unfinished on the last week of the month.
    • Emily's artist finished the sketch for her portrait and I'm quite excited to see the final product, probably in late March/early April. I will probably update and actually give her personal items based on the picture once the art is done in a BG1 update and her BG2 release.

    I'll try to add screenshots on the next progress report.

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    man thats a really good portrait. a huge improvement over just reusing a nwn's one.
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    Progress Report #5


    There's a handy new function that allows you to make your own ambushes. (I've no idea how this was done in old Baldur's Gate. I assume something in baldur.bcs). This will make this mod EE/EET only, as these ambushes are pretty necessary for both Recorder and Emily's story.

    In actual progress news:
    -Finished Recorder's Quest.
    -Made Significant progress on their love themes. They are all the same melody, but scored differently, each starting with a trio of instruments that fits them, before going into the main theme they share. These won't play on the friendship tracks, so its a good indication if it does play that you've made progress. Since Picosong shut down, going to find another site to use to share it. Once it's finished, I'll also add it to my website for preview listening so you can decide if you want to download it as an optinoal compenent or not.
    -Most Friendship dialogues for SoA are complete. There aren't too many of these, this is to split the dialogue with planned Rest Talks and what you can do via P.I.D. Friendship works both ways after all, they can't be reaching out to do the talking all the time!
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    Progress Report #6

    Did a month fly! The last month was spent mostly transitioning from working in the office->home, to mourning my grandmother's passing from illness (Please, please take care of yourselves!), and crunching time in to work on this mod, and finding a bit of time to progress on my playthrough while I am at it. I also spent a little bit of time looking at NWN's Toolset, as it's something I'm considered making single-player stories for next.

    I got another character's quest finished, leaving only two more. One other is mostly done except some mechanical decisions, while the last one, Emily's, is the most exciting for me to get to. I don't know if I'll meet my Spring Finishing goal, but I know once I finish the last quest, my percentage rate will go a lot faster, as quests are definitely the most exhaustive work in modding in my opinion.

    Kale's quest, which was the one I was working on, was especially difficult. I've restarted the work on it twice before finding the third time was giving more satisfactory results. The writing still needs polishing, but I will put that towards the end of the project. The next couple of days is a break while I switch back to fixing bugs and adding changes to the BG:EE mods.
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    @Skitia Thankee! I await the completion of these NPCs!
  • MothorMothor Member Posts: 177
    Its a bit of a shame that many NPCs seem to be limited in terms of romance to how tall is the "romancee".

    I think there were cases when a human had a romantic relationship with a halfling in a Forgotten Realms novel if I recall. Plus halflings, dwarves and gnomes are not exactly children despite being so small (they can live longer than humans in fact lol).

    In the original Baldur's Gate 2 Aerie could romance gnomes and I think Jaheira could romance halflings...perhaps Viconia too. So its not a taboo.

    How about adding a high charisma score to meet the demands of a small race person and a bigger race person? That would also give a reason to make charisma less of a dump stat. Some differences in romance based on which race/gender (if the character is bisexual) is the PC would be nice too...
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 878
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    I should probably take a look and re-evaluate how I want the romances to work. Penning of thoughts below:

    Racial Restrictions: I think I will remove all of these. For unusual combinations I'll have the character make comments or state their reason of hesitation (I.E. for Emily, any non-human may not be looked at very approvingly by other members of her noble house, and Vienxay prefers purity of race, but in the end is happy to be loved.)

    Gender Restrictions: I will probably shift these. I.E., Emily always felt very hetero in her identity and writing to me so I will probably make her male only. But Vienxay/Recorder/Kale I don't mind making open with any gender to allow a good/neutral/evil option for female player characters, since I don't have a second male NPC (Kale is already open). I'm making my final round of updates for BG:EE/SoD contents (Excluding future cross-mod/bug-fixes) within the week so will include these romance updates to SoD then when I get around to them.

    I already use Charisma to influence certain options in the NPCs stories, so I think the route of making things a bit more open from the get-go is the way I will go.
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    Progress Report #7

    I have all of the quest work done, thus a big jump to 25%. Dialogue could use some spell checking and word switches, but it's where I want it to be.

    With Quests and Mechanics done for each character, the remaining bits are all character based banters and interjections, player interactive dialogue, the approval system, crossmod, and then the four personal romance music themes to be composed. Most of these are started in some fashion, so it's just a matter of seeing each completed. Each of these tasks I can get done a lot faster, so the progress bar will probably move quicker now.

    I'll take a few days to fix some bugs I still need to look at on my BG1 NPCs, and then return to work on BG2.
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    so is this quest stuff just soa or is this gonna include tob content at launch?
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 878
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    It's mostly SoA with a few conclusion end points that happen in ToB. Quest Events happen in the below sort of progression as of now, things can change when I get to the revising stage:

    Recorder: Althkata, Brynnlaw, Saradush.
    Emily: Althkata, Althkata in Chapter 6.
    Vienxay:Althkata, Umar Hills, Underdark, Long Desert Name Town in ToB that I can't spell.
    Kale: Althkata
    Helga: Althkata, Long Desert Name Town in ToB that I can't spell.

    The aim was to mix different styles and lengths. Helga's quest doesn't require her at all compared to the others and has more combat in it, while Emily's is split between two chapters and is almost entirely social.

    If I can learn how to make custom areas that are not ugly or buggy I'll move some SoA content into ToB where I originally wanted it to be, but none of the areas work with the idea's I had.
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  • NivduNivdu Member Posts: 2
    any time soon aplha/beta test of mod? if yeah sign me in :)
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 878
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    If I focus and put in time regularly on a daily basis, I think July would be a time where I could release an early playable version, though it is hard to pin down estimations. This would be a good time for a progress report though!

    Progress Report #8
    The first dialogue pieces I am working on are the Friendship and Romance Talks that occur by NPC. I like to work from hardest->easiest task in regards to mod work. My goal was to hit about 30% last weekend and 35% this weekend but distractions slowed me down a bit. I'm going to estimate I'll hit 31 or 32% this week instead. If I keep steady, hitting the halfway point this month would be very doable. Then in July I will work on interjects and party banters and try to have a test version ready.

    It's looking very unlikely I'll do anything with custom areas in this work, I'll probably save that attempt for Wings. It would be a good month of extra work for an area and I'd prefer to finish this in the summer.
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,656
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    thats fine it's alot harder to make new areas then say write and add in text.

    and when you do start with wings you should be in contact with the creators of allthingsmazzy as they seem to be doing something with aerie in that and we need to make sure the two mods don't conflict with eachother.
  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 878
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    I'll probably play through the Mazzy Mod if there's concerns of any conflicts. I don't think there will be based on the notes I got from Coutelier, but it's easy enough to patch as I go if I find anything.
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,656
    it might have just been working on 5 npcs at the same time just burnt you out. friend ship and romance mods might be much easier going forward if thats your plan. as those just tend to be talks and a quest and the npc is already made so not as much extra work.
  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 771
    Thanks for all your work, I am really looking forward to this but please don’t rush or be stressed by it.

    I would love to do npc mods (have ideas but not the technical skills) and have huge respect for those that do so.
  • Rev1395Rev1395 Member Posts: 9
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    I'm am so hyped for this. Thank you for all of your hard work. I'll start a BGEE/SOD with these Five probbably next week ? . It will probbably a welcome change of pace for me to not have Imoen along.
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    Keep up the good work. It sounds like it's coming along well.
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