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Question about dialog.tlk and language of mods

majbermajber Member Posts: 53
If I have mod that was created in English, with English language and I have Baldur's Gate 2 in diffrent language - then when I install that mod over my diffrent dialog.tlk/language then what's happen?
It will break the game or not?


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,811
    by the sounds of it, it will over write the english dialog.tlk file but probably will not touch the other ones

    so if you were to play the game in a different language you are going to have some missing string references

    it will probably still be playable but some things will be missing; aka new item names/descriptions/abilities and any new NPCs/Monster banters

    worse case scenario, anything that messes around with the dialog.tlk file almost make sure to make a back up before you replace it with a modded one, just incase if it really messes things up

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,808
    Hi @majber & @sarevok57,

    The dialog.tlk that it WeiDU edits is based upon the inital selection of language of the first mod installed; not necessarily the language of the mod, but the selection of the language of the game. A file called 'weidu.conf' (can be opened by a text editor if you want to look) in the game's root folder will tell which dialog.tlk that WeiDU is editing.

    Further explanation: If the game is set in a non-english language (French as an example), when you initially install a mod, questions are asked about the language. If it is a multilangage mod, the the first question asked is what language do you want to install the mod in, the second asked is what language do you play the game is. If the mod is an english only mod, the it goes straight to the question of what language do you play the game in. The result to the answer of what language do you play the game in is placed into weidu.conf. So for more mod installs, WeiDU wont ask you the game language question, it examines weidu.conf and tells you that it is using the French language dialog.tlk.

    The mod will then edit the dialog.tlk of that language (eg French) but the entries will be in english so you shouldn't miss out on any text (as long as you can read English).

    Hope that makes sense (and helps the decision whether to install the mod or not)

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