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Which Portraits are Which Race?

Can someone tell me which portraits are gnomes and which are halflings?


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,279
    Well, there are two possible answers :
    With Near Infinity you can check the game files , including how the portraits are named. As far as I remember a human male fighter would be names HMF1 or something , so you can identify what races they are based on whoever named the portraits.

    The second answer is "you choose" because the original game itself (and also IWD2) had premade characters that sometimes used the same portrait while giving them different races, sometimes a halfling portrait was given to a gnome character and vice versa.

  • inethineth Member Posts: 594
    edited January 26
    As @DJKajuru mentioned, the official portraits have a race encoded into the filenames:
    • The Halfling portraits start with HA (e.g. "HAFF_L.BMP" = "Halfling Female Fighter, large version").
    • The Gnome portraits start with G (e.g. "GMT_L.BMP" = "Gnome Male Thief, large version").

    These are the four Halflling portraits (2 fighters, 2 thieves):

    46a5K74.jpg a6vXavm.jpg MUWkkIm.jpg joHmumL.jpg

    These are the three Gnome portraits (2 mages, 1 thief):

    HDHHyuT.jpg 3IVD9mb.jpg aIUaShR.jpg

    The "Gnome Male Thief" portrait had a pointy ear in the original Icewind Dale release:
    In Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, he has human-like ears (see above), making him look less Gnomish and more Halfling-ish in my opinion.
    I suspect this was an oversight on Beamdog's part when they created the higher-resolution versions of the portraits for the EE from original source art -- they must have gotten their hands on a version of the source art for this portrait that hadn't yet had the pointy ear painted in, and not noticed it.
    My IWD:EE Portrait Variations mod re-introduces the pointy-eared version as an IWD:EE portrait.

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