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Is there any use in going over 100% in any Thief skills?

I guess Find Traps could make you find the traps faster and Pickpocket could lift up your chances of a succesful attempt when stealing something but what about Lockpick and Disarm Trap? Are there any locks and/or traps that actually need above 100% in their respective skills to be dealt with? Also, does the Knock spell open a lock of any level or is there a cap to it?


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 687
    edited February 3
    Most thief skills work fine at 100% though there are situations in-game where you may suffer penalties to your thief skills, like deciding to wear bladesinger/elven chain. It doesn't hurt to build in a 10-20 point margin of error, especially given how many points you'll have as you gain thief levels.

    The big exception to this rule is pickpocket, which requires 200%+ in BG2 to reliably succeed in situations where you most want it to work (Copper Coronet in the early game, Underdark later).

    There is no situation where having more thief points in a skill gives you a "critical success," like finding a trap faster or salvaging its components. That would have been interesting for the devs to include, but they didn't.

  • dp85dp85 Member Posts: 14
    edited February 3
    Hiding isn't super useful once you get invisibility spells/potions, but Hide/Move Silently also benefit from really high values above 100.

  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 738
    In unmodded game the find trap, lockpick, detect illusion, set snare dont need more than 100%. The picpocket, hide in shadow and move silently needs far more than 100% .

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,977
    edited February 4
    the trap that leads into sendai's enclave requires 110% to disarm, but for every other trap, as far as i know they only require 95 or 100....?

    plus knock will open any door or lock that a thief can use open locks on, regardless of difficulty rating

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,977
    just to add;

    in durlags tower, you can safely disarm every trap with 95 except for the floor trap that is in front of the statue that holds the level 2 key wardstone, that one is set to 100, i've never passed with 95, so be mindful ( its a cloudkill spell and the trap doesnt go away once its triggered so you can trigger it multiple times )

    in BG1 i believe the usual penalty from stealing from stores is around 60% so if your pick pockets is around 160% you should usually be able to steal from stores

    in BG2/ToB stores will usually go as high as 100% penalty so usually 200% is enough, unless you are trying to pick pocket Bernard in the copper cohornet which has a penalty of 128% so you will need 228% to be able to pick pocket him 100% of the time without the *critical failure*

    and speaking about that *critical failure* i've noticed sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn't, i think if only affects when you are trying to pick pocket NPCs and not stores ( i've never failed pick pocketing buddy at arcana archives, but i always quick save just in case )

    oh, also, if you are trying to pick pocket *thief* type NPCs i believe there find trap or pick pocket? (not sure which one but one of them is surely used) score is used as a penalty against your own, so if they have 50% in the said skill you are going to have a 50% penalty in stealing their stuff

    usually for bg1 with 100% you can pick pocket anybody with enough reloads ( the gnerm in ulgoth's beard that is wearing green and orange has the highest penalty to pick pocket - i want to say its... 75% ?- because i have succeeded with 80, but it took A LOT of reloads )

    and then in BG2 i think gaelan bayle has the highest and you need around 240% to pick pocket all his stuff without fail ( i recall needing a damn high score to pick pocket his goodies ) just make sure not to make him hostile though, or else he likes to disappear afterwards ( and i doubt he comes back )

  • Tommy123Tommy123 Member Posts: 24
    edited February 5
    monico wrote: »
    - pick pockets: 2 checks: minimum value / effective check: the minimum value (of your pickpocket skill) differs from the item you attempt to steal: 10 for basic inventory item, 50 for unequipped quiver/quick slot (for some reason, Algernon's cloak is in his quick slot and not his cloak slot), 60 for rings, 80 for amulets, belts, gauntlets, cloaks, 95 for unequipped weapons.
    To make it more clear: "unequipped" for weapons here means equipped in one of the weapon slots but not as active weapon. Unequipped weapons in inventory only have a minimum value of 10. For example pickpocketing the Flail +1 from Sonner can be done with 10+ pickpocket skill (so even a Cat Familiar can do it).

    On the familiars: a Ferret Familiar in BG1/SOD (50 pickpocket) can pickpocket all inventory items (like most quest rewards) and all quick slot items. A Ferret Familar in BG2/TOB (75 pick pocket) in addition can pickpocket rings, but for cloaks, gloves, amulets and belts you need to cast Luck on the familar (to get them to 80 pickpocket).

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