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Who releases a game this buggy?!?

I'm playing on the PS4 and the game has crashed 7 times after only a few hours of play. Now I'm next to the weeping stone and I cant even talk to it to use the decanter on it...a core quest for getting a PC and it doesn't work! Does BeamDog feel ashamed at all about releasing a pile of crap onto the gaming market for $50 USD a pop?

When can we expect a few patches to fix this complete disaster?


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,695
    Can you report any problems you are having to support? We’ll look into them.
  • silverreisilverrei Member Posts: 2
    Submitted the above to support...Are you with Beamdog? Do you have any idea of what timeline Beamdog addresses support issues? Is this going to be one of those situations where I just spent 5 minutes filing a support ticket to be told to shove my hand down my pants and wait for 6 months?
  • destinyfatedestinyfate Member Posts: 3
    You and I are unpaid beta testers. The worst of the bugs is the fact that the command console no longer functions, and I cannot find a saved game editor.

    Bugs encountered (no, I will not fill-out anything extra. I paid you; you did not pay me):
    Stuck in a small abode, have key, portal does not spawn.
    Eli Havelock not where he belongs outside of brothel.
    Max hps randomly reduced when I received +3 hp for a quest. All bonuses are gone, including the +3 hp and all constitution bonuses. As an 8th level fighter with a con of 14, that is wrong. I went from 93 hp to 80 hp.

    IF I could get the command console to work, like it did in the original, I could use move area to port out of the shack.
    IF I could get the command console to work, I could spawn Eli.
    IF I could edit the saved game, which I could have done with the original, I could fix the xp issue.

    I tried using an infinity editor. However, there is no torment.ini anymore. BeamDog screwed that up, like they do so many things. Many files are called Baldur in Planescape Torment. It seems that GoG may bear some blame here, because the ini file is has some GoG designation.

    Basically, this isn't just buggy, our backsides are left hanging in the wind unable to fix issues ourselves, because the development team, and perhaps also GoG, have screwed up the files themselves. The lua file is called Baldur.lua, but it rewrites itself whenever you open the game, wiping out the line of code needed to activate the command console.

    So, stop molesting your customers with extra paperwork. Hire beta testers and fix your issues. You inherited some of them, but you screwed up our ability to work around them, BeamDog.

    PS: Please leave my games alone, since you refuse to unmod them and make sure that they work as expected.
  • destinyfatedestinyfate Member Posts: 3
    Your crappy forum ate my comment when I edited it.

    Can BeamDog do anything right??

    Command console does not work. Baldur.lua (that is the screwed up name for the planescape torment lua file) rewrites upon opening the game. Why do I need this?

    Stuck in a shack, have portal key, portal does not spawn. Move area would fix that.
    Eli Havelock is not next to the brothel where he belongs. I could spawn him using the command console.

    Next issue, I cannot get an editor to edit my saved game. Why ever not? Torment.ini does not exist. When I create one from by creating a copy of goggame-galaxyFileList.ini and renaming it, the infinity editor that I have does not recognize it as the Torment.ini.

    Why ever would I need that, you may wonder. I had 93 hp as an 8th level fighter. I had just gained +3 hp per a quest, and my hp were set down to 80. I didn't notice until I had already overwritten the quick saves. So, I'm screwed. If I could edit my saved game, I could fix this bug.

    BeamDog did not pay me to test their software, so I will not fill-out anything extra for them. I only do paperwork when I am getting paid, or might otherwise be arrested. I paid you for a screwed up version of a once really great game! Every single game that BeamDog has modded is crap. You have ruined all of my favorite games. They are bugged or fundamentally changed to change the experience of the original game. You force mod the games and introduce new bugs, then screw the games up so that it is no longer possible to use the fixes that were at our fingertips when playing the originals.

    The answer, Silverrei, is that they will never fix these. Don't hold your breath.
  • GraionDilachGraionDilach Member Posts: 577
    edited September 2022
    Your crappy forum ate my comment when I edited it.
    Command console does not work. Baldur.lua (that is the screwed up name for the planescape torment lua file) rewrites upon opening the game. Why do I need this?

    Beamdog has nothing to do with GoG Galaxy's cloud saving ability. If you want the debug menu enabled along with cloud saves, then open the game, leave it on the main menu, save your updates and close the game immediately so that GoG Galaxy picks up your changes and uploads them to your cloud save, because it will restore the local folder's status to the state it was in when the game was closed.

    You can and should use NearInfinity to edit your PSTEE savegames. It doesn't even need any torment.ini hulabaloos and works out from the box. Afterall, NearInfinity is the most universal tool, since it runs on java and supports everything from oBG1 through EEs and PST to GemRB.

    If you use outdated (and unprepared-to-handle-the-EE-differences) tools to edit savegames, you risk the chance of applying random changes/losing information in them - ohai EEKeeper and your feature of deleting biographies on everyone! -, so that isn't really a bug, nor Beamdog's fault.

    Sure, there are legitimate bugs in PSTEE. Just as there are legitimate bugs in other EEs and the classic counterparts. I'm not expert in this game, so I don't know what could have caused your HP recalculation, but then again, I'm also not paid to help out know-nothing-know-it-alls.
  • ArviaArvia Member, Moderator Posts: 2,101
    Your crappy forum ate my comment when I edited it.

    It did. I heroically jumped into the beast's open mouth and saved your comment, there it is, a bit chewed at the edges and maybe with a few drops of spittle on it ;)

    On a more serious note, you're a new member and there's a post limit for those, so it was in the spam queue for verification. Your profile is now verified, it shouldn't happen again.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,695
    Thank you, @GraionDilach! @destinyfate I understand you're upset, but please give those suggestions a try.
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