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IWD: EE can't create online games

arghyarghy Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2
I wanted to host an online game with some far away friends due to COVID19, but once I click on multiplayer I get the popup "Finding the network devices on this host", and after 5-10 minutes I get an error saying "Cannot connect to the game session".
I turned off windows firewall, UPnP is activated in my router, and I opened the following ports too: 2300-2400,47624,47630 (UDP and TCP).

Once i get the error it seems I can only host LAN games. Using Hamachi is sadly out of question since my other friends won't be able to set it up.

This is my jingle.log file:
[000:000] Resolving addr in PhysicalSocket::Connect
[000:005] Connecting via ipv4
[002:923] Warning( PhysicalSocketServer got FD_CONNECT_BIT error 10061

I also tried reinstalling BG:EE wich I played online with the same friends few years ago on the same setup (PC+home network) and I get the same error, with the exact same logs in its jingle.log (BG folders ofc) file.

Any workaround?


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