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Dark Dreams of Furiae won't proceed because key character Lucenna runs off to attack an NPC

YistaanYistaan Member Posts: 12
edited March 25 in Technical Support
Ok I am not even an hour into Dark Dreams of Furiae , the new premium module for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, and I hit a game breaking bug. Lucenna, one of the city guard who is clearly an important character (she stands outside the destroyed warehouse), is about to talk to me but then runs off and starts repeatedly attacking the nearby NPC Harasi Finas. Harasi is invincible and so Lucenna attacks indefinitely. As such, Lucenna is repeatedly attacking Harasi and I'm not able to talk to her to continue the story. What should I do? Below is a link to the screenshot of the incident. Reloading the game doesn't help and walking to her repeats the incident.


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