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Android version with DLan translation.

SrReddySrReddy Member Posts: 3
Hello everyone. I've been tying to find a way to play Planescape torment on Android.
First I tried to install the enhanced edition, but my device's android version is 9 and seems like its not supported (PSTEE last update was in 2017) and it will always crash after showing up a popup that says the app was designed for older android versions.
Then, I tried to play the old version using Exagear Windows emulator but it crash too ofte and its pretty unplayable.
And THEN, oh my, i found a apk at the 4pda forum that makes the game compatible with newer android versions, and it works!
Now the problem is, its in english. I've tried to copy the Dlan translation patch to the /data/files/ folder but it wont work, so it seems like the only way to use this patch is to uncompress the .obb file and copying the patch files in it. But you need to use a PC program called centralfix to make it work, but i dont have a PC :(. I tried to open centralfix on Exagear but it boot up for a second and then it crashes

Maybe im asking for too much, but I wonder if somebody could do it for me, I would be really glad :( I really want to play this masterpiece. And I'm sure this will help many people.
If somebody will, then just answer me.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,817
    Hi @SrReddy, and welcome to the forum.

    Can't promise anything but I will give it a bash.

    I don't speak Spanish but I did assist someone earlier to get their's working, so I understand what needs to occur. Some processes have changed since then and I might be able to get it going without injecting it into the .obb.

    Would you be able to point me in the direction of where the apk and latest DLan translation dialog.tlk is?

  • SrReddySrReddy Member Posts: 3
    edited April 2020
    Hello. Thank you for replying man. Look, since the apk version is, the obb should be the same right? here is the latest version of the dlan translation for the EE:
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  • SrReddySrReddy Member Posts: 3
    Those are the apk and obb I used and it works fine for me. So, if the patch and everything works fine for you and you upload that obb on the cloud, then it should work for everyone, right? :/ I see no reason why it wouldnt. Thank you again for replying :smiley:
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,817
    Thanks @SrReddy, you might want to remove the obb. It might be considered something else that shouldn't be in this forum... I have grabbed the DLan translation and will have a play with that.

    For info, on my device I am using v3.1.3.0 (which appears to be the latest online). I am guessing that the dialog.tlk was created against (which is why it wouldn't be able to be used with This means that I couldn't test for results...

    I am hoping that I don't have to upload the .obb but just the translation file itself that would be treated with centralfix. It might be hit and miss but I am sure we can get it going.

    Yes, once this is work, and while it is running on the, it can be used by others that have the same version. If there is effort to recreate/modify the translation file into the updated version of the game, then it is likely that it will need to either be treated by centralfix a dialog.tlk (zipped) or injected into the obb if centralfix doen't work.

    Hope that makes sense. Not sure if you can understand english or are using something like Google Translate like I would have to...

    Attached is the first file to try. To install:

    - make sure you are running a vanilla version of the game (and it can start etc) as it appears you have already. Close the game.

    - Copy the attached file to the root of the following folder:

    so you should end up with something looking like:

    Don't unpack the file (you can in a different file location if you want to have a look inside but they are exactly the same contents as the DLan file)...

    Try to start the game and let me know what happens. The expected results are that it should start using the Spanish Language (with English language selected of course).

    All that I have done so far is to repack the lang files into a stored (no compression) zip format and applied centralfix to it. I am hoping that the file will override the originals stored in the .obb as it does with BG and IWD. If it doesn't then there are still some tricks to try before any modification to the .obb. We might be able to do that on the device which will mean that there is no requirement for centralfix, we just need to get the file size correct but that is only if the rest doesn't work.

    If it does work, then others will just need to use the steps above to copy the file.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,817
    After a few PMs, we found the solution for this problem. For anyone else in the same boat, this is what it was:

    After completing the steps above (seems like a waste rewriting them in this post...)

    - Make a backup of 'Android/obb/com.beamdog.pstee/com.beamdog.pstee.obb' to anywhere not in its folder (this is just a safety measure so that if it goes wrong, you don't need to redownload it)
    - Download RAR for Android (free in the Google Play store). I am sure other compression software could do the job but I know this one works without compressing the .obb.
    - Open RAR and navigate to 'Android/obb/com.beamdog.pstee'
    - Long press on 'com.beamdog.pstee.obb' and rename to ''
    - Short press on '' which should open the file allowing you to look at the contents
    - navigate to '/lang/en_US/', long press on and rename 'dialog.tlk' to 'dialog.klt' (it can be anything as long as it follows the naming rule. I just reverse the extension so that I know what it was...)
    - let RAR save the renaming (it takes a little while but you can see when it is finished by looking at the bottom of the app window, it will revert back to the long file name). This method should not change the size of the .obb at all.
    - Back out of '' so that you again see the whole file.
    - Rename '' back to 'com.beamdog.pstee.obb' (this is often forgotten; if the game starts to try and redownload the .obb, this is the first place to look for a fix)
    - That ends the adjustment for the .obb

    - Navigate to 'Android/data/com.beamdog.pstee/Files', either by RAR or your normal FIle Manager
    - Make sure that '' is in the root sitting beside 'Baldur.lua'

    You can now exit out of the File Manager and try and start the game. Hopefully all goes well.

    If the game tries to redownload the .obb, it means that something went wrong with renaming dialog.tlk in the .obb. If that is the case, restart the phone/tablet (so that the download will cancel), delete 'com.beamdog.pstee.obb', replace it with the backup, and repeat the steps above to rename dialog.tlk.

    All that has happened here is that we have now removed access to the original dialog.tlk, so the game is forced to use the one that is located in the treated (with centralfix)

    This method was tested by @SrReddy and found to be working.

    Mucha suerte y disfruta! (hopefully that is right :smile: )

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