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Creating a new feat

Forgive me if this has been talked about before, but I could not readily find it on the forum so I apologize if again it has already been discussed. I currently want to create a feat that gives the PC the ability to be a Lythari. I am new to editing .2da files but I think I can do it. I do have a few questions that I hope someone can answer.

What are all the .2da files I need to edit?
So far I think they are spells.2da, dialog.tlk & feat.2da. Are there others?

I want to kind of base it off of the druid "Wild_Shape_WOLF" ability. Looking it up in the feats.2da file I find this:

Label Name IconResRef School Range VS MetaMagic TargetType ImpactScript
403 Wild_Shape_WOLF 8180 ife_WildWolf T P - **** 0x01 NW_S2_WildShape

and so on....

The line continues but this is my point of reference. As I look down this row I find this column:


Does anyone know what this column points to? Is it another .2da file? I looked for this reference in the feat.2da, spells.2da, and dialog.tlk and can not find it anywhere. Is it something I need? I figured that I would use this line as a template for my line in the feat.2da file but I am not sure if this FeatID is needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated since this is my first venture into this realm. Any tips or pointers would be wonderful as well.

Thanks in advance.


  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 907
    The line is in spells.2da not feat.2da, regardless it's not necessary to create an active feat, I'm uncertain what that particular number points to but it might be a hardcoded engine-defined thing.

    By setting up an active feat properly it will use the spell row to then call the impact script. To get an idea of what you might want to do take a look at the script nw_s2_wildshape under "all resources" when you try to open a script in the toolset.

    If the active feat doesn't work then you'll need to add it to a class feat table such as cls_feat_*.2da, but you don't need to give the character the feat like that I think, it just needs to be there. They might have changed how this works, I haven't bothered to check in a while.

  • meaglynmeaglyn Member Posts: 97
    That number is used for radial sub menu items. Like the horse radial menu, of wildshape as your example.

    It's actually a combination of 2 16 bit numbers. The high order 16 bits contain the subfeat ID and the low order ones are the master feat id. The subfeat ID is something you can make up. But the subfeats in the same menu should be consecutive. The feat id should point to the master feat for the whole menu.

    From a GZoeller post: (I don't have the actual reference but I think is in the omnibus)
    1) Enter the feat in the class feat 2DA as normal.
    2) Create the master feat in Feats.2da. Set the SPELLID to be the spell
    number of the master spell.
    3) Create the master spell in Spells.2da. Set the SubRadSpell1-5 numbers to
    point to the sub spells for the feat.
    4) Set the FEATID on each of the subspells as follows: (65536 * subfeat) +
    feat ID. The top 16 bits is used for subfeat, the bottom for feat.
    Basically any feat that uses a spell that has subspells listed will be
    turned into a radial menu.
    Subfeat number selection is up to you, I would suggest starting around 5000
    or so and going up from there. Current internal subfeat numbers go from
    1000 to about 1012, avoid those.

    Note: the values in the horse feat spells in 1.69 are a little broken but still work. That is they don't follow the above formula correctly. So there must be some wiggle room.

    Your example is 66191360 which in hex is 0x03f2 0000. The feat id is 0. And the subfeat is 1010. These wildshape ones also seem to violate the above rules. The feat should be 320 I think. The subfeats seem to be reasonable going from 1008 to 1012 for the 5 wildshape subfeats. Those numbers don't point to 2da lines. This one really should be 66191680 by the above rules.

    I can't explain why some of the bioware 2da entries don't follow the rules but as long as they work. But I do know that following those rule when adding your own feats/spells with radial menus works as expected.


  • Awas73Awas73 Member Posts: 52
    Thank you for your wonderful advice. I learned a lot and can't thank this community enough for all the help they give.

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