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BG1EE - three possible bugs? the werewolf, the harpist and the carpet

VanFanelVanFanel Member Posts: 9
edited May 2020 in Troubleshooting
I stumbled into the following "problems" - I don't know if it is correct to use a single thread for all of them (if you prefer different threads, tell me and I'll do the splitting).

I'm playing BG1 EE 2.5, purchased via GOG, on Windows 10. Baldur.exe has version Italian language. Normal difficulty, autopause enabled when enemy spotted, max HP when leveling. No mods, no cheats.

1) Delthyr marchs on his own harp

Situation: chapter 7, back to BG City, I'm wanted, I meet Delthyr near Sorceror Sundries.

Load attached DELTHYR savegame. Move slightly north to meet Delthyr.
Say 2, 3, then 1 or 2 (irrelevant). So you get to the two main questions: one about who killed Scar, another one about Eltan's illness.
Ask the question about Scar first. He tells you about the Shadow Thieves, then 2 questions about the Shadow Thieves are added to the list of next possible questions. It makes sense (Then you can also ask about Eltan, if you like)
Reload the savegame, approach him again.
Ask the question about Eltan first. He tells you about Eltan and of course he does NOT mention the Shadow Thieves. But the questions about the Shadow Thieves are added to the list of next possible questions ALL THE SAME, and you cannot ask "Who killed Scar?" any longer.

2) Schrodinger's werewolf

Werewolves Island, Karoug's ship, top floor. If I lure the werewolves to the lower levels, sometimes some of them randomly disappear. If Karoug is the one disappearing, the quests cannot be completed and you have to load a previously saved game - which I did (you can cheat, but I'd prefer to avoid it). This problem has been already pointed out years ago, but it still happens!
I attach some savegames so it will be easier to reproduce the problem, hoping this will help fixing it:
- WEREWOLF1: before accessing the top floor
- WEREWOLF2: I sent an hasted Khalid to the top floor to trigger dialogue, 4 werewolves spawned, autopause kicked in. I unpaused for a bit, THEN escaped, I managed to lure Karoug outside and killed him, you can see his corpse and the kidnapped baby. Go inside: there is only Karoug's wife (in werewolf form), but the other 4 werewolves are nowhere to be found. From this savegame I can complete the main quest and the baby sidequest.
- WEREWOLF3: I sent an hasted Khalid to the top floor to trigger dialogue, 4 werewolves spawned, autopause kicked in. I clicked on the exit, THEN unpaused and escaped. I lured 2 spawns outside and killed them. I went back to the top floor, Karoug was still there, autopause kicked in. I unpaused for a bit (Karoug's wife starts casting), THEN escaped. Nobody followed. I went up again: NOBODY! From this savegame, I CANNOT complete the main quest (even if all villagers EXCEPT the leader Kaishas think I did it!) and the baby sidequest.

Note: sometimes the up/down move must be repeated more than once, and you have to guess the correct unpause time that reproduces the problem.

3) Free magic carpet ride

In Durlag's Tower, somehow I passed the rune carpet without triggering the trap and before finding the Bone Wardstone! I cannot reproduce this any longer, the trap ALWAYS fires, as it should do. I did NOT dream it, because I have a savegame that proves it. But HOW in the Nine Hells they managed to cross the carpet?
I did not remember the exact sequence of events, but it should be roughly this:
- after killing the spiders&ettercaps, I talked to the statue
- I answered the questions and the statues teleported me to the riddle room
- I solved the riddle
- I talked with Durlag
- I went back to the spider room, opened the north door, examined the machine (probably with multiple characters?). It said that it needed the Bone Wardstone.
- I went to the carpet room and crossed the carpet - without even noticing the ominous warnings - I was only concentrated to the good amount of LOOT in this room. I suppose I crossed with Imoen first (because I usually send her ahead to find traps) but I can't be sure, sometimes I forget.
Sorry if I cannot reconstruct the move history completely. I hope that the savegame can shed light on this mystery.

I attach two savegames:
- DURLAG1: right after killing the spiders&ettercaps, but before talking to the statue
- DURLAG2: past the carpet. Check the inventory: no Bone Wardstone. Check the map: Islanne room is still in the dark, so not explored yet. If you click on the bed the game continues normally with the next riddle, you won't ever know that there was a trap. Try to cross the carpet back: the trap fires!

Thank you in advance

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