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New Multiplayer game

Hi, a friend and I just buy the game to remind us good old time, but we arent able to begin a multiplayer session, we dont see each others games... I hope someone here is able to enlight us on what we have to do to play together ?



  • BGMattBGMatt Member Posts: 28
    Hey, I had multiple issues at first, but have managed to achieve a pretty much flawless gaming experience after a bit of trying to figure things out. You can try port forwarding on the computer of the person hosting (TCP/UDP: 2300-2400, 6073, 47624, 47630). Also, firewalls and 3rd party AV software can cause issues (so temporary disablement may help). The thing that finally got it to work for us was to use Hamachi to allow us to simulate a virtual LAN between the two computers. That allowed us to see and join each other's games. The final step that made the game stable for us was to ensure that birth of us were directly connected to our routers (i.e. not using wi-fi) but you may find your wi-fi is just fine.

    For a list of other things we tried, see this thread:

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