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A Warning When Creating a New Module!!!

AncarionAncarion Member Posts: 155
It seems there might be a small bug in the new toolset that may need to be addressed. Currently, when creating a new module, the name you give it doesn't register after entering it into the "Module Name" field. You have to enter it again when saving the new module for the first time.

This could potentially cause issues in the following way:

If, let's say you have a module named "Mod 1" open, and then decide to create a new one named "Mod 2" without closing "Mod 1" first, the name "Mod 1" will appear in the Module Name field when first saving the new module, instead of "Mod 2". Fortunately, a warning message will appear asking if you wish to overwrite "Mod 1," but there is always still the chance you'll miss it, or accidentally click "yes" if you're not paying close attention.



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