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BG 2 EE Android mods



  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,915
    Hi @Ghezzeb, he is the latest iteration of the modfile. It contains the updates and deletions requested.

    The problem with Level One NPCs is that the modification of the NPCs is done as part of the install. So to change a class of an NPC, it would need to occur at the install of the mod and can't happen in-game (hope that makes sense). Both are installed to but you still wont be able to change the NPC class in the game, only kits with NPC_EE.

    The other part of the question above is to be able to setup the mods independantly. Unfortunately that can't occur as each mod that installs and writes to the dialog.tlk would change the single file that makes a difference (dialog.tlk). This means the each mod would overwrite the dialog.tlk which in turn would give you invalid text errors for the previous mods installed. The only ones you could do that for is the ones that don't write to dialog.tlk... If you not aware, the modfile itself is only valid for the version of the game it was made with. When 2.6.x is released for Android, all the modfiles will be invalid and would need to be redone. This is because the dialog.tlk is likely to be different internally.

    BG2EE. (~238MB packed, ~1GB unpacked)

    Happy Gaming
  • GhezzebGhezzeb Member Posts: 24
    Hi @Gusinda ! well, well, I supposed, after learning a bit of modding in your guide I imagined it, talking about it, I was trying to make some small modfiles, (being successful in creating a Tweaks modfile, I'm using now), after some testing, confirm that the heavier the modfile the slower the game makes (taking a long time to save the game, load it and move between areas) When there are many entities on the map, there are also FPS drops and A lot of lag, because what I will try later, (also now I am in an area with poor internet connection) I still have some problems installing them (like the order in which they go, the configuration and what files to use and what not), but I'll learn, I guess. I will not ask you for more modfile, you already did a lot for me, and I thank you.
    I was also testing the Level one npc mod and I saw the option to change classes to npc, although strangely in the first and second version of the modfile you did, the option was, strange, but I will see it in depth later. Finally, I would like to ask you if these problems also happen with large modfiles on your mobile device and if you also know of some way to fix this a bit. This happens to me by aiming very high, after a few months I will have another phone, a mid-range, and that maybe, just maybe, this one can run these modfiles better.

    Thank you very much for your time and dedication!

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,915
    @Ghezzeb, great to hear that you are dabbling in modfiles... If you need any assistance, let me know and I will be glad to help out.

    For the order of mods to install, have a look here. It gives a general order which works for most mods. Some mods I have had to change earlier or later and some I have had to split (install part of the mod before another and the rest after), but you will get to know which ones after playing with them. For the most, just follow the order and you should be fine.

    I don't actually play (other than testing) full modded games on my phone. I use a couple of small mods with some tweaks and a GUI change (use to use my own but find that Pecca's Pocket Play is far superior!). My phone is a Samsung Note 8 so it does have some power so I don't see much of a problem when testing the modfiles...

    Good luck with the dabbling
  • ElectricKinglerElectricKingler Member Posts: 1
    @Gusinda can you repost this modpack in english
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