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Waiting for information from server...

I know this isn't a new one, but I'm really running low on ideas here.

My friend and I are playing BG2EE unmodded. He runs it through steam. I'm playing through the beamdog client.
We've been playing through all of BG1 and made it to BG2. We cleared Firkraag last week and now all of a sudden we can't connect to each other.

Nothing has changed. Same machines. Same setup. Same everything.

-We both checked our firewalls and made sure that the game and launchers had permissions.
-We tried without firewalls, disabling them completely in windows.
-We tried reinstalling and both running through steam.
-We tried reinstalling and both running through beamdog.
-Game versions are identical.

I would really prefer not going through solutions like hamachi or direct connections.

We can see games are running in the lobby with serveral players in there.
What are we doing wrong?


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