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Improved Asylum Breudayael Party

RastorRastor Member Posts: 2
I was reviewing this thread and wasn't able to reply so I'll do it with a new thread:

The author states that Breudayael is immune to everything, including throwing an incendiary cloud. I actually scripted that fight so I'm going to give answers.

You have to talk to him. Otherwise, they're all immune to everything. That was specifically designed to stop people from doing something like lobbing Incendiary Clouds into the room to kill them. It was my way of fixing what I see as a flaw of the Infinity Engine.

Breudayael is definitely the strongest of the bunch because he's an uber mage. He is not immune to all weapons though. What he does is he has an absolute immunity spell that he casts pretty early in the fight. It makes him immune to +5 and lower weapons throughout the first couple rounds. He also has stoneskin so that you can't hurt him until you dispel it or punch through it somehow. He's high enough in level that dispel magic won't work very well so you need to use something like breach. Breach won't work though for the reason that I'm about to show.

He's immune to most spells. That's the effect on his robe. He also has Spell Trap, which is a level 9 spell. That plus the robe means that most magic won't get him.

You have to take him down before you take out Anastacia. If you kill her first, he has an insta-kill spell that he throws at your main character. This spell cannot be stopped by anything and it cannot be resisted. So if you kill her first, it's game over.

I did everything I could to prevent people from using exploits to win this fight. It is winnable though. There's two mages, a ranger, and a fighter. (The latest version changes this a bit, see below). You need to take out the dwarf fighter first then take out the second mage. The only thing that's scripted is that if you take out the ranger first (who is far more deadly than the dwarf because she stat drains) then it's game over. If you take out the dwarf and auxiliary mage first then you remove the threat of them chewing at your party while you focus on the main threats, which are Breudayael and Anastacia.

Those two are a married pair. If you kill Anastacia then Breudayael insta-kills your main character, so you have to focus on him next (newer versions of the mod actually have Anastacia getting a massive buff when Breudayael goes down, but it's not an insta-kill). There's a couple ways to do it. If you've got access to something like Pierce Shield, that'll work fine on him to steal away those protections. Melf's Minute Meteors should also work. You need to keep that ranger distracted somehow though because her stat-draining sword and really high THAC0 means that she'll eat through most tanks really fast. She also has a Greater Whirlwind, which really makes things fun. I suggest using summons to distract her. She'll sometimes ignore them though. It's Charisma that she drains and if that number goes to zero, your character is dead, so the best idea is to stoneskin a bard, put him into defensive spin, and try to tank her with that and summons while you focus on Breudayael. Breudayael doesn't have anything special other than his magic resistance and immunity to spells below level 8. He's otherwise just a punk mage so tank him down... He's pretty high level, but you only need about 20-30 hits to bring down his Stoneskin and he only has one Absolute Immunity.

One of the nasty things about the fight though is that Breudayael has 3 time stop spells (two are thrown at the start and the third is thrown later when he gets worried) and Anastacia is immune to time stop. So he'll throw those and she'll walk right up and eat your party. That stat-drain means that if she targets a low charisma character, you'll probably have a death.

In newer versions of the mod, a few changes were made:
- Breudayael's spells can be interrupted. So you can use something that interrupts casting to slow him down.
- The party no longer drops items that are game-breaking. While they still have those items, they don't drop when you kill them. You'll still get decent loot, but not things that will make you invincible.
- Anastacia gets a buff that fires off when Breudayael dies. I don't want to reveal too many details, but it gives her permanent Greater Whirlwind and permanent Critical Strike, so she'll be a mess to deal with.
- The party now has a cleric who does use healing spells (including Complete Heals) on friends. This makes things really fun. On high difficulty levels, she even has resurrection!

It's important to note too that this fight is totally avoidable. If you talk to Breudayael, you can easily make peace with him and just walk on past.

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