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Rate BG:EE out of 10



  • mch202mch202 Member Posts: 1,455
    Riolathel said:

    The cutscenes are just terrible... I don't think i've ever seen ones this bad in any game i've ever played..

    It's really annoying to have to skip the redundant campfire scene everytime i rest

    I've had a few bugs and my game has stopped working twice so far.. My biggest nitpick is that the spell icons look terrible.. Most of the time i have to squint my eyes just to be able to tell what some of them are

    I would disagree, I think the campfire scene is awesome and way better than the original.

  • Eddie_KaspbrakEddie_Kaspbrak Member Posts: 29
    I'm sure this will get a lot higher after the first patch, as I really like what I've been able to play so far
    Once bugs are all dealt with then my only real problem is the cinematics - and I'm not even too bothered by that

  • WazDuluthWazDuluth Member Posts: 8
    I supposed I should not have voted so soon. I am at Nashmines. But so far, Beamdog... what's up? I mean I am not wowed in the slightest? Should I be? Maybe my hopes were too high. There are improvements, but mild ones.
    Here are reasons you did a good job:
    Menu interface-nice work in almost every respect.
    Graphics-Kinda nice work. Some better stuff.

    Neera-Maybe it is just me, but her voice acting is below subpar. This is unacceptable as other characters were amazingly done.
    New quests-where are they as I go? I know you have some out there and I will discover them, but why not a few new sidequests in the first areas? I mean...enhanced edition.
    Cinematics-Uninspired changes.
    Graphics-Uninspired changes.

    Now, I while it might sound like I dislike this game and changes made, I don't. I will play through and judge then. But it this is what I am going to see through play (meaning the same game I already had, with small trivial changes that are not ENHANCING my experience) then I will be all kinds of disappointed.

    Finally, and I think this is something that most players can get behind. I liked BG1, but loved BG2. IF THIS IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO FOR 1, COUNT ME OUT FOR 2 (I would have underlined but don't know how). I say that super saddened. I really hope that you are banking on this being a success to get super funding for BG2 and actually enhancing it so I feel like I did when I first played it. Thin ice friends. I will actually verdict when I finish, but right now it is depressing to think I spent 20 bucks on this. Complaining with 20 bucks should say something.

  • GishGish Member Posts: 74
    9/10 for me. I played the crap out of this game when I got it in High School years back. I loved it then. I had expectations of a neo-BG and honestly most of them were met. The fact that we can play kits on a bg1 run is great. I always wanted to see what a run through bg1 with a sorcerer would be like and I am now getting to do it. The graphics for the cutscenes are awesome. I'm loving the wild mage and monk npcs (still haven't found the blackguard guy). The effects of the spells are lovely(level 2 scorcher looks more like I would have imagined it when seeing it used in books). It keeps its old style flair but with a more up-to-date look. The game play is awesome so far, I haven't had many major bug problems with it yet. There is also more specific information given to you on choosing your race. You can see the major difference between elf and half elf and even halflings. Before everything was extremely vague.

    The only reason I set it at a 9 and not 10 is because of personal issues I take with the mechanics and different issues. A. The game does crash every so often, so I pretty much hover the 'Q' key between zones. Hate to lose progress especially as a newbie sorcerer. B. I wanted to do a run through as a Blade, but when I saw you still couldn't go above 1 star in a weapon prof. I decided maybe it wasn't worth the effort. I know that is just the case of this rule set but when you finally hit throne of bhaal, your main guy really needs to be able to dish it out, so that is still a whole class that I feel is not worth playing. C. Minor issues with characters getting hung up on each other and seemingly unwilling to simply walk around to participate in an epic fight against a Cave Bear can sometimes result in a "Gimme a break! LOAD!". D. The spell icons maybe could be improved upon. I didn't like them then either. E. Of course this is a issue that probably won't matter once I figure out how to do it myself when I get the free time, but I don't like the portraits. I didn't like the originals then, I like them even less now. The only one I like is newly made one with the golden armor and red, I use that for my blackguard. But the rest I just dislike.

    But as I play through I may change my mind and say "10".

  • AshlspiessAshlspiess Member Posts: 26
    As a die hard BG fan, I had to go with a 7 simply because framerate can't be adjusted. If you are able to increase this in the future, then I will easily give it a 10. I have experienced very few bugs in the game, it seems others are being plagued.

    I'm not sure why everybody is crying over the cutscenes either. You want terrible cutscenes, go play the original with polygon-type blocky looking characters. Yea the cutscenes are mostly unanimated portraits, but so what they still look cool. They're not going to do reanimated cutscenes for a revamped game.

    I'm looking forward to experiencing some of the new content. Replaying the game at least half a dozen times in the past makes it a wee bit monotonous but new characters and features from BG2 make up for that.

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,683
    Lemme be pretty straight on my statement now, without any biased intent against the new EE version over the old one:

    When i first heard of BG:EE, what i'm playing at the moment wasn't even near of what i thought i would be playing.

    My only solace is the fact that from July/12 to now, the forum comments have disappointed me bit by bit, so i was somehow expecting the state of the actual BG:EE when it was released, what diminished my disappointment a bit.

  • PhælinPhælin Member Posts: 316
    Works perfectly on mu CPU. Weak.

  • Google_CalasadeGoogle_Calasade Member Posts: 80
    9. They did a fantastic job with the Black Pits and the new NPCs. Had they not changed the cut scenes and sliced dialogue from the intro, BG:EE would be a straight up 10.

  • csuzwcsuzw Member Posts: 48
    ~2 hours played this evening. 1 CTD, 1 serious graphical glitch that stopped me doing anything for ~1 minute before sorting itself out, 1 major bug with my character and 1 minor bug with a display model. No idea what I'll discover once I leave the safety of Candlekeep. Was the original this glitchy?

  • MungriMungri Member Posts: 1,645
    edited November 2012
    @Gish everything you said was handled far far better with BGT and Tutu mods than BGEE has managed.

    There are far fewer problems and nowhere near as many bugs with free to download mods that convert BG1 to BG2s engine than there are in BGEE.

    I was expecting BGEE to be superior to both the conversion mods that already exist due to how long its been in development for by a proper game studio and degelopers, but everything about it has turned out to be worse than what I've already been able to play for free via mods.

  • KoekenmakerKoekenmaker Member Posts: 21
    Will give the game a 7 for now ,having a few minor issue ,mouse cursor won,t work in full screen when moving items it will disappear and i am forced to play windowed to get it back,.
    and game crashes when using the map and right click symbols/gems.

  • PsychoblondePsychoblonde Member Posts: 14
    edited November 2012
    I really enjoy the new cinematics. The old ones were unspeakably dated, and the new ones have a nice painterly feel to them.

    However, I rated the game a 4 due to the lovely game-killing Rasaad dialog bug and my absolutely miserable experience with Beamdog thus far. (That, and the preceding Rasaad conversation has 2 dialog options that take you through exactly. the. same. dialog. sequence. LAME.) Mark Meer did some nice voice acting, but the implementation across the board on his dialog tree is incredibly shoddy. I've done better *myself* by using the Aurora toolset, and since what I was primarily paying for was the *new content*, this is extremely disappointing. Neera is a bothersome twit, and since I already have Imoen, I don't see the point.

    I do like the ability to zoom in and out, though, that's pretty sweet, and there are some nice new interface options.

  • IntoTheDarknessIntoTheDarkness Member Posts: 118
    edited November 2012
  • MungriMungri Member Posts: 1,645
    And BGT and Tutu actually do everything a lot better, plus they are free.

  • mibblesmibbles Member Posts: 31
    I suspect it'll go up to a solid 10 after they've ironed out the patches. A solid 8 on release, for me at least.

  • forgotten_wolfforgotten_wolf Member Posts: 28
    5 because it runs on one computer and not the other and because the game runs like it is always lagged....not sure if that is intended or not, just feel really sluggish.....not sure if it is because i am used to 60 FPS or some sort of bug....also juggling full screen mode and windows mode so get the game not to flicker is really annoying, cutscenes fit the new UI

  • SimmOSimmO Member Posts: 10
    edited November 2012
    9 - no crashes runs great, though simple, cutscenes are huge improvment over ugly orignals

  • ArchaicArchaic Member Posts: 924
    UI is not what I expected. Bugs bugs bugs. Sad. Love the game and hoping some of these issues will get fixed in a patch.

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,851
    GM1984 said:

    A fair score for a game that won't work.


  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    What i don't like:
    - reduced number of movies, and they feel a bit strange, especially on first view. Now i got used to them a bit.
    - some minimaps are lacking water or other glitches with them
    - journal scrolling is awful
    - some other gui flaws
    - flickering dragged items (like Neera's robe) in full screen mode

    What makes this actually enhanced for me:
    - excellent voice acting/movie in Black Pits
    - i actually like most of the quests of Neera/Rasaad and first part of Dorn.
    - scalable windowed mode
    - the tons of fixes that you don't have to apply to the original BGTutu/Widescreen/Fixpack etc. thing.

    I'm pretty sure the next poll will improve my scoring for the game.

  • MedillenMedillen Member Posts: 632
    I'm giving an 8 for the english version. But the french one should probably only deserve a 6 at the moment. Missing sound is not good :)

    Still, some bugs definitely needs an hammering ! I hope I'll give better score soon.

  • Oxford_GuyOxford_Guy Member Posts: 3,729
    Have fiddled around a bit with some settings now and getting better graphics performance, and gameplay is fine - I would now revise my score to a 7, would be higher if they properly fix the intel graphics issues completely

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Its nice to hear some people revising thier initial scores upwards. Like I said, I'll run this poll again in a couple of months to see what has changed.

  • FrecheFreche Member Posts: 473
    BG is a great game and deserves a 9.
    Current state of EE is lacking and for me it feels like I have paid $20 for something I already had.

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,683
    there's a lot of work to do to make this game worth of the title Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, but let's see, my buy intent of BG II EE will be based on the evolution of the actual presented game.

  • AADA7AAADA7A Member Posts: 32
    Terrible cutscenes, charisma adjustments is buggy, thac0 is inccorectly calculated, doesn't work for shit in general, lags, bugs with zooming, some areas without "fog of war", no choice for resolution, etc. I like the loading times, but right now it doesn't look very bright. I hope they fix all those pesky bugs. But how such basic stuff as attributes could get fracked up is beyond me. I even made a character with 18hp in the beginning, and another with 19 dex who was human. I don't know how it happened. It just doesn't make sense, and all of these small things I noticed like the first thing when I started up the game. It really isn't finished in it's current release, I have a feeling. I think I'm gonna keep away from it for a couple of days and hopefully some hope will begin to spread once all the disappointment (my, and fellow forumites') has gone down and the devs start fixing things. :)

    And oh, one of the the biggest attraction about it -- multiplayer -- doesn't work at all.

  • lelag200lelag200 Member Posts: 120
    The increased expectations due to the longer wait made the whole experience a little sour. But only a little. They did a good job, but I think the focus was too much on making things look pretty (I don't give a damn about what the menu looks like). That is not what made the original game the best rpg of all time, so why give that aspect attention when they could have improved things like character AI. Also, walking/moving is still just as choppy as it was in the original. The new voices and char. portraits seem very well done, so that is something good to look at.

  • ThorsonWThorsonW Member Posts: 8
    Not the best remake of a game ever, though it sure isn't bad. Cutscenes are... ehhh, though... and there are a few bugs that (to my knowledge) weren't in the original game that I hope are ironed out soon.

  • EdHousdenEdHousden Member Posts: 40
    Having awesome fun doing my let's play on this.

  • FrostyFrosty Member Posts: 190
    I gave it a 7 lot of nice new improvments to the game. but a lot of bugs has well I had to do a lot of digging around in the program files fixing things to get the game to run and be stable.

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