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Kara-Tur, Turmish, Al-Qadim, Calishite inspired Bhaalspawn portraits

This came around due to my wanting a Kara-Tur blooded half elf Bhaalspawn. I might have gone a bit crazy after I found out just how little non-white/European portraits are out there. Mostly female and only a handful are uncredited, those without credit I legit could not find out who painted them. So if anyone knows please let me know!

lvj2zmcuyj2d.bmp4v7y8r26in11.bmp angevere/Ona Kristensen

uw8dcefo60h2.bmp inSOLense

w4634ieyciar.bmp Fey Light

kv0idujy4022.bmpjdjgvo0ng774.bmppmangnypaeek.bmpb21grsnv0sar.bmp magali villeneuve

4igrfuikfo0j.bmp Kelly McLarnon

zjk1shtnqqf1.bmp JuneJenssen

ewr89bbhsy1n.bmpd85yyazvffk8.bmp Mother Skindancer


9i1qw02z6a5p.bmp spookgeist

i24d30htxiak.bmp Qing Li

uax26muiszn0.bmp Karol Bem

nm5s8jc5u8h2.png LoranDeSore

x0186p7a7u9k.bmp Anne Terkelsen

hfi2t4cuni95.bmpd3ic27z9chxf.bmp Elder Scrolls Online art

gjscvspyajpk.pngvvew9c1gazxu.bmp domirine

uto9c1fr02x1.png Jab Jira

i6tnh4m2ft80.png Osamu Obi

kstmf6enrfdy.png Audrey Fleury

ep1kxr9c37kx.png Roksana Młynarczyk

Currently Unknown



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