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Troubles with StoreCampaignObject or RetrieveCampaignObject

Did a few searches. Found nothing.
I'm not sure which of those calls is doing it, but my log files are getting filled with entries like this:
NWSQLite::Migrations: <databasepath>\<database>.sqlite3: Applying migration: schema
SQL ERROR: [17] statement aborts at 15: [SELECT sql FROM "main".sqlite_master WHERE type='table'AND name<>'sqlite_sequence' AND coalesce(rootpage,1)>0] database schema has changed while executing (unknown)

Anyway, now the variables getting stored in those databases are not persisting. I'm able to get the last saved value, but not make new updates. I'm calling all the databases in the same way, but not all of them have this issue.

Running on windows with the steam copy, version 8193.13.


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