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Qwinn's changes to Tenement of Thugs for EE?

So, as listed in Wiki walkthrough (containing spoilers) here, Qwinn's old fixpack made some pretty significant changes to the Tenement of Thugs. However, having got there in EE, I have realised those changes were not among those included in EE.
Is there any way to get those changes in an EE compatible form?


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,083
    edited September 2020
    There's an unfinished business mod for EE that contains a fair number of Qwinn's restorations.
  • NainytNainyt Member Posts: 4
    Thanks, yes I think that's based on another of his mods which the Beamdog devs chose not to include. But it never included the fix I mentioned above, which was only in his fixpack. I think Beamdog basically incorporated his fixpack into the EE, but left out some bits they considered 'subjective'. Apparently, the Tenement of Thugs fix was one of those. Ideally, I'd like to find a mod that implements those 'subjective' fixes into EE.
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