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The environment mapping problems.

Aztc_SevenAztc_Seven Member Posts: 2
Hi there!

I've got a problem. I'll try to explain it.

1) I created a tile;
2) I added a door for it.

My problem is:

When I'm in the game the door is flickering.
You can watch the video.

There are some testes:

1) When I move the character by keyboard the door is not flickering;
2) The door is flickering only when I click the mouse on the ground;
3) Every door which I added to my own tileset starts to flick. Even if I just put to override another mdl files (from another tilesets).
4) The door is not flickering when I disable the option "Environment mapping on creatures".
5) The door is not flickering when I delete a stroke "EnvMap" from my tileset's SET file.

So I think the problem is in Envoironment mapping. I don't want to disable that option because another doors in another tilesets work great with Environment mapping. And it's an easy way to just disable that option. I would like to understand what is exacly wrong. Where is the root of the problem?

"NWN-Saitama", please, help me!

PS: I don't patch my NWN EE yet.

There is a videos about my question...

There is a video-test with another door, which works well in another tileset (Bloodwar), but not in mine...
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  • Aztc_SevenAztc_Seven Member Posts: 2
    I solved that problem.
    The solution is:
    1) Create a TXI file and put it to HAK or Override;
    2) Name it like your texture;
    3) Add a stroke to it: envmaptexture nameofyourtexture

    PS: I don't patch my NWN EE yet. I use 8193.0.0 version.

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