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2 old school rp'rs and 2 newer players looking for our digital home....

we love RP, but hate worlds that think rp and the ability to play are mutually exclusive.
we are looking for a community that has at least a dozen or so ACTIVE regular players (more is better, just dont want to be on a server thats on life support)
moderate/medium magic, gold, xp.
no turning XP down so low it becomes a second career, the wife and i already have one of those.
its an escape from the day to day,...dont wanna spend a week kickin rats to get to L5 and then another 7 months to get to 40.
can live with rules on classing like 3 minimum levels of any class, but no level caps, no class restrictions.
prefer a home with an in depth crafting system.
the wife and i played nwn for years, i also have been a builder, (3ds)custom content creator, DM, and host, but just want to be a player for now. We also play P&P off n on for years.



  • Old_GithOld_Gith Member Posts: 109
    edited October 18
    Warm winds and Hello,

    I cordially invite you to the World of Greyhawk. It is an Action server but is also light Role-play, both among the community and the NPCs who dwell there. It is mid-magic, lots of action, no level caps or class restrictions (other than the obvious exploits, like Paladin/Blackguards, etc). We have a robust crafting system, deity and pantheon system, Bard studios for creating your own songs, persistent horses, banking, storage, quests, journals.

    The world is huge, expansive, and deep. We've been around since 2004, so we've had time to perfect our craft, so to speak. Most of us are old school and probably all qualify for the AARP. We'd love to see you in game.

    WoG Repository -- for your needed haks and tlk

    WoG Forums -- for questions, answers, and connecting to the WoG Community, organizing parties, scheduling events, or just learning about the world, rule changes, and so on.


  • Lilith_Heidi_hoeLilith_Heidi_hoe Member Posts: 12
    edited October 21
    Check out a Vagabond Clan server 4 threads down from this one...Very good server getting work done on it and getting better...ALFA and GreyHawk are excellent servers as well. I played them both and they are top notch but I just could'nt cut it in ALFA Waterdeep. Vagabond Clan is another well made PW. Lots of content from 1-40 using 5 seperate servers ranging from levels (1-10, 11-20, 21-30 and 31-40) and still growing. The main builder is taking a look at player suggestions for new quests and content. We are old school (1st and 2nd Ed.) and most of the quests available on the 1-10 server (Ruined Tower, Caves of Chaos, exct..) and a few more plus many 1st and 2nd Ed. Adventures on the other 4 servers (Queen of the DemonWeb Pits, Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, Descent into the depths of the Earth, Vault of the Drow, Spider Ship of Llolth exct... 40 seperate quests as of now..more well thought out ones with Strong Story and backgrounds may appear in the near future. Just enter the New Lobby under server listings a Vagabond Clan server Beta Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Check out the Hub, read the signs after portalling in, then head down the Hall to the 2nd room on the right and talk to Capt. Sean and head on in...We hold play and bug testing on Friday and Saturday nights from 8 pm-1 am. Just send me a PM if you'd like to meet in game and set a time to meet and I'll show you around the 1-10 server to see if it's a fit for you. I've played NWN since the day it came out and EE Multiplayer since last Oct. and it is one of the better servers available for NWN EE...So give us a look....

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  • OglierOglier Member Posts: 2
    I only ask you check out Cormyr. It's a persistent neverwinter server with a few dozen active players. If you check us out my log in is docofmadness. I have chars of every level and would love to show you around in IC.

  • AronAron Member Posts: 94
    Greetings and salutations!

    This sounds very tempting! I am also looking for a nice roleplay community with players
    that share this sort of interest.

    I will look closer into this when i have a bit more time on my hands.

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