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My first playthrough without reload and random part comp

Hi, it's my first time doing a playthrough of BG1 without reloading and it's awesome, for me it's a new dimension for this game and I'm enjoying it a lot. Is a very good way to enjoy again playing BG like the first times.

I use to play with quicksaving quickloading all the battles until the fight is perfect on my side, and playing like that puts me in a position that I use all the resource I have and adapt on every situation.

Right now I'm playing by these rules:
  • No reload
  • Charname permadeath
  • Random charname class
  • No stats reroll
  • Random party composition

Right now on this playthrough I got:
  • Wizard Slayer for my charater
  • My allowed party: Imoen, Montaron, Edwin, Branwen, Eldoth

It's not a bad party but I didn't manage to arribe in time to the Gnoll Stronghold so I already lost Edwin, among a lot of fails in some battles, but still alive.

Also, in order to prevent me to be tempted to reload sometimes I'm recording while playing so I don't cheat "in front of the camera".

PS: Well it's the second try, on the first I was instakilled by Tarnesh with a magic missile on my Enchanter Charname lol.

If someone is interested I leave the videos on this link:




  • CloutierCloutier Member Posts: 225
    I've had some playthroughs like that.
    Keep the first stats roll, randomly roll for class and weapon proficiencies. Roll for allowed NPCs (every other NPC is forbidden from joining). Party management becomes serious business. NPCs can be raised, but chunking is a real problem, making the companions a valuable and limited asset.

  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 24
    I've never had the guts to do CHARNAME perma-death then just roll a new character...

    I do always try to play a similar way though..."minimal" reload where I will reload when the main character dies, but no other time.

    Admittedly this gets me into situations where when half my party gets slaughtered, I decide to cheat a bit and just run my my main character into the fray and get him killed...maybe I could have run away and survived, that would have been more RP-approrpriate...but I'd rather die and reload. Hopefully one day I'll solve this battle within me lol.

    But doesn't always work anyway...a companion dies but I win the battle, and am left there staring at the corpses. Traps are a lot more nerve-wracking as well. One time I had 3 deaths towads the beginnng of Spellhold and no resurrection capabilities, so I believe it was just my Avenger druid and Nalia left standing. Was just about survival and escape at that point.

    I never set out with a pre-thought party in mind either. I kind of roleplay that specific encounter for each NPC, and don't really seek them out specifically unless there's an in-game reason for it. Lets me get a nice random, slowly-evolving party composition during each playthough.

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 907
    That is what temples are for, though there is the slight issue of your companion's gear. If you can't get to a temple and back before the auto cleanup, you might lose gear. The solution to THAT is to put the gear in nearby containers to avoid the problem.

    However, that might take a while if you only have your PC and Nalia.

  • SelerelSelerel Member Posts: 24
    Once in Spellhold, the closest temple is in the Pirate town, but you can't get there until you go through all of Spellhold and escape. And yeah for whatever reason, no rod or scrolls of resurrection at that time.

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