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Modifying the GemRB demo

m7600m7600 Member Posts: 260
edited November 2020 in Off-Topic
(EDIT: I changed the title from "GemRB to "Modifying the GemRB demo")

I thought I'd start a GemRB thread, since I haven't seen one (apologies if one already exists). Not sure if I should post this here or in General Modding.

Anyways, here's a screenshot of the demo. I'm running this on Ubuntu. In the demo, you can walk around, and that's about it. I really like the area background. I'm planning on adding stuff to the demo, like monsters, NPCs, and all that jazz. Don't expect a full game from me yet, though : P


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  • m7600m7600 Member Posts: 260
    So, here I'm using IETME (Infinity Engine Tileset Map Editor) in order to make a new area for the GemRB demo. I'm using WINE in order to run IETME.

    The new area is a swamp. I made it using Blender 2.79, Tiled, and GIMP. Originally I made it for a FLARE mod.
    As you can see, the cliff walls were not done by me, those are from the original ar0100.bmp that comes with the GemRB demo. All I did was paste my swamp .bmp on top of that, the new area is ar0200.bmp.

    I then run GemRB, and I teleport the character to the new area using the console command MoveToArea("ar0200")



  • m7600m7600 Member Posts: 260
    I hope that nobody minds that I'm using this thread as a sort of journal, where I plan to post updates on my attempt at expanding the GemRB demo.

    Before making enemies, I'd like to have a more visually appealing GUI. So, I start by removing the white background GUI that comes with the demo, together with all of that text. What I end up with is just the game window. The next step will be to make some images for the buttons, etc.


  • m7600m7600 Member Posts: 260
    Making a good looking GUI is no easy task, and it can take a while. What I made here is simply a wooden background image for the GUI, but only as a placeholder, the image has to be improved (a lot).
    For this stage, I used a public domain image of some wooden planks that I found on, and then some editing with GIMP. In order to make the .mos file, I used DLTCEP (DragonLance Total Conversion Editor Pro)



  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 807
    I would suggest using a less noisy texture for the demo - the wood planks you're using now are going to cause font readability problems.

  • m7600m7600 Member Posts: 260
    edited November 2020
    @Pokota : Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep that in mind.

    Here is a modification of the character animation. I made a 3d orc model with Blender 2.79, which I then exported as a series of .png files, these were later edited with GIMP, and finally I used BAM Workshop 2 for making the .bam file.

    It doesn't look great, but it's a start.

    Oh, and I've changed the topic of this thread from "GemRB" to "Modifying the GemRB demo".

    EDIT: In case you're wondering what those black squares in the game window are, that's the fog of war. I'll eventually modify that too.




  • m7600m7600 Member Posts: 260
    Another way of putting custom animations into the game is to use DLTCEP instead of BAM Workshop. Here you can see the 3d model in Blender, which I then export as a series of separate .bmp files, one for each frame.
    Then I use DLTCEP to combine all of the separate frames into a single animated file, with a .bam extension so that GemRB can read it.
    You can also see that I've tried to improve the image a little bit, making it a bit larger and less pixelated.

    Finally, here is a .gif for one of the animation cycles.





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