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Top 10 Games like BG

Hello, i just make this top and i want to know if im missing some hidden gem?

I really love Baldurs Gate and all the classic's like RPGs!


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,817
    Hi @tomito, nice post. It isn't hidden as such, but I would count 'Temple of Elemental Evil' (with Temple+ and Circle of Eight mod/fixes) in my top 10. Haven't yet play Tyranny; might have to now.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,072
    edited November 2020
    Were you rating these games by how similar they are to Baldur's Gate, how good they're regarded as being, or how much you personally enjoyed them? I enjoyed DOS2 for example and thought it was a solid game but wouldn't agree it is very similar to Baldur's Gate, whereas IWD was vastly inferior to Baldur's Gate quality-wise but would arguably be the most similar as it was made using the same engine and had similar party mechanics.

    I guess another question you might ask is which game is the best spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate? That would be a much more subjective question and I can imagine people being highly split on whether the answer would be Pillars, Kingmaker, or DOS. It would all depend on how you define the essence of BG which would then determine what you are looking for in a successor.
  • KorbenDallasKorbenDallas Member Posts: 29
    When comparing other games to Baldur's Gate, one has to determine whether real time with pause is one of the key features of comparison. In lists like these, it normally is one of the main sticking points. I have come to the conclusion it is up to the individual whether they play other RPGs that are turn-based or not. Personally, turn-based rubs me the wrong way and I have always avoided them for 30 years after I tried them when first beginning to play RPG video games. I really just don't understand how monsters/enemies just stand there waiting for someone to take their "turn", today I know my dislike for turn-based has to do with suspension of belief because turn-based action does not unfold in real time (and I hesitate to use the word "action" in association with turn-based because there isn't any). Before Baldur's Gate I enjoyed Menzoberranzan and Ravenloft: Stone Prophet, and omitting turn-based RPGs limited the number of potential RPGs to play. So with lists comparing other games to Baldur's Gate, if real time with pause isn't considered then more games will be compared in the list.
  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,072
    I actually think there are a lot of ways in which DOS isn't similar to BG. One is that you more or less win all fights in DOS by simply activating each of your abilities as they come off cooldown without needing to worry all that much about what any particular ability does, whether you should conserve resources, or whether you should pre-buff. That plus turn-based provides a very different gameplay experience from BG/BG2.

    But you could agree with all that and yet see DOS as similar to BG in that both are high-quality isometric CRPGs with interesting storylines. So perhaps that's where the OP is coming from.
  • lollerslollers Member Posts: 190
    To be honest, I see witcher 3 as something like Baldurs Gate. Walking around the city of Novigrad to find leads on monster contracts is the most pleasing thing I've done in a game since BG2.
  • KorbenDallasKorbenDallas Member Posts: 29
    Dragon Age Origins is supposed to have tactical pause, at least the first one in the series. It is 3rd person POV with an isometric view as well, and it is supposed to have a good storyline. I have it on my list to play, but Pillars and perhaps Tyranny is before that.
  • AsaBMAsaBM Member Posts: 64
    Worth mentioning that Dragon Age was also made by BioWare. Possibly some of the same staff, but I'm not sure about that; it was like 8 years between TOB and DA:O.
  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 1,072
    edited December 2020
    Yes, there was partial overlap between the BG team and Dragon Age. But in contrast to the OP's sentiments, a LOT of people saw Dragon Age 1 (and NWN for that matter) as RPG-lite letdowns compared to BG/BG2.
  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 153
    At the risk of being banned forever...
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    At the risk of being banned forever...

    Why would you be banned? A good chunk of the mods love DOS3-I mean, uh, BG3. Yeah.
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