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New Error messages when trying to save new BG2 game

Over the past couple of days, when I've tried to save a new BG2 game (either manually or by allowing it to auto save) at the very start of SoA just after Imoen has opened my cell, the game crashes and I receive these series of error messages.




I should note that I've been playing this same version of BG2 (v1.3.2064), using the same laptop and operating system (Windows 10) and the same mods for quite some time, and have never encountered this issue before. From what I've been able to tell, it only seems to happen when trying to save a brand new game for the very first time - I'm able to save if I start playing using a pre-existing game.

I've also not encountered this problem when trying to save a BG1 game.

Any help in trying to figure out this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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