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Frequency of banters.

I'm in ToB and about to go teach Abazigal a thing or two about humility after having given Sendai the same lesson. Currently I've had a couple of lovetalks with Jaheira, all the while Anomen and Sarevok have bitched a bit at each other once.

That's it. Now, I'm a bit curious, and yes, I'm fully aware of how CTRL+I works, but shouldn't these things sort of play out more frequently? I've left the game paused for hours several times and rested God only knows how many times, and nothing triggers.

Officially, that is. Imoen and Anomen had their banter about the Order early on around my time in Saradush, but I reloaded right after that, You'd then think that they'd have that conversation soon, seeing that I reloaded right after it, but here we are.

What's really the deal with that? I'm not exactly gonna lose sleep by not turning Sarevok good or the like, but still?



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