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Installing Endless BG1 after having killed Sarevok?

I kept holding off the installation of this mod, thinking "I still got time," and suddenly I was fighting Sarevok. :D

I thought I'd need to load the game and fight him a second time (huge feat on SCS plus the "no too hard meta-gaming" rule I put on myself) but apparently the game makes a "Final Save" upon his death, which you can load to replay the ending cinematic.

So, question: apart from the items Sarevok would have dropped with this mod (which I don't care for), is there anything I would be missing by installing the mod and loading the Final Save?


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,879
    @Taylan Whether playing from that save after installing ebg1 would work I can't say. If it does - bingo - if not, then you'd have to replay the fight, obviously.
    Installing ebg1 this late would leave some NPCs that would be supposed to be gone after Sarevok's death (for example in the Thieves Maze).
    These components should work without game breaking bugs but maybe some glitches:
    -Main component
    -More Flavor to Hero of Baldur's Gate (Includes PC's Residence Inside Palace)
    -Short Public Hero Tribute
    -Imoen and Duke Jannath (Imoen Gets Residence Inside Palace)
    -Duke Eltan Is in the Palace
    -Flaming Fist After Final Fight
    -Elminster makes an Appearance
    -First Refugees Come to Baldur's Gate
    -Ophyllis the Treasurer is Inside Palace Dungeon

    Components that will definitely not work and you should not install this late to prevent bugs:
    -Sarevok's Sword
    -Denkod in Thieves' Guild Comments on Sarevok's Death
    -Skip Thieves' Maze Once After Sarevok's Death

    The component "Sarevok's Unique Items" won't harm but also not do anything I guess.

    This is all just a rough guess as I never tried.

    But: please keep in mind that installing ebg1 this late might have consequences for other of your mods. The only one I'd know of would be bg1re with the hidden quest "Scar's Return" as the Duke Eltan component from ebg1 probably overwrites the bg1re Duke Eltan dialogue (correct install order would be ebg1 - bg1re), and also the mod Transitions but if you'd have this installed then you'd probably not need ebg1 so I guess you don't have that.

  • TaylanTaylan Member Posts: 60
    Thank you! I know Sarevok's drops obviously won't work as he's already lying dead on the ground but could you elaborate on why the following shouldn't?
    jastey wrote: »
    -Denkod in Thieves' Guild Comments on Sarevok's Death
    -Skip Thieves' Maze Once After Sarevok's Death

    I don't know how mods generally implement such things, but I'm a programmer so if anyone knows the technical explanation, I'm all ear. :)

    Maybe I should just take a peek into the mod's files and see if I can figure it out by myself.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,879
    Denkod will only be after Sarevok's death in the Thieves' Guild if his script was tweaked so he won't diappear after talking to the group upon entering the first time, so he will be gone (and that's probably it, but the component tweaks the scripts a little so I'm not sure seeing half of the result might not lead to glitches).

    The "Sarevok's Sword" component also inserts a (FedEx) quest where the Dukes ask the PC to give it to them which won't be solvable, obviously (or only by saying "no" or "I lost it").

  • TaylanTaylan Member Posts: 60
    edited January 20
    EDIT: Duplicate post, ignore. (How do I delete?)

  • TaylanTaylan Member Posts: 60
    edited January 20
    OK so I installed the mod with the main component only, which is really all I cared for. (Didn't realize I could pick and choose what to install.) Oh and also the Elminster dialogue with recovered BG1 text, because I like him.

    It seems to have worked, in the sense that I can keep playing after Sarevok's death, but there's one pretty bad bug:

    When I enter the palace, Belt and Jannath are hostile! And not just to me; they actually start fighting some Flaming Fist mercenaries when I enter the room. After that it's automatic game over as this guy whose name I forgot teleports in and insta-kills me. (I.e. what normally happens when Belt is accidentally killed.)

    I guess I'll see if it helps to make them friendly via console commands. :-\

    Edit: Doesn't help, they immediately turn hostile again after being briefly neutral. There must be something wrong with the script. Let's get to debugging I guess...

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,879
    edited January 20
    @Taylan this is an incompatibility with 2.6 patch. It seems the devs inserted this as a "Failsafe" after Sarevok's death for unknown reasons. Thank you very much for the info.

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