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Cleric's 9 APR remains after run out of Energy Blades

zolzol Member Posts: 25
Hi all!

Extreme cheese goes here:
If cleric (single/multi or dual-class) used all Energy Blades before 4 turns passed, he is still under Improved Haste effect with 9 APR for any weapon (10 attacks if dual wield). And it can't be dispelled like HLAs.
Even after rest | save / load it's still active.

To get back fair APR:
- reload / restart game, or
- cast any magic weapon spell, or
- shapeshift (using Cloak of Sewers for example)

Didn't found any info on this bug. Maybe it was fixed with later updates, I'd like to use EB but don't want to use those methods to return normal APR.

(I'm using BG2:EE v.1.3.2064 (OS - Xubuntu 19.10, 64 bit).

EDIT: the same with mage.
EDIT2: Nevermind, found discussion in BG2:EE bugs 1.3.2064 section.

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