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Heya! It's me, Taliesmin. Butt-kicking for goodness!

Greetings to all,

I've been a big fan of the Bioware games since back in the days when they came on a bunch of discs which inevitably became scratched and thus useless. I've now purchased the Baldur's Gate game for the fourth time and shall endeavour to complete every element of the adventure that I can during the Easter lockdown.

Looking forward to playing through the game and sharing my experiences with the community.



  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,154
    Welcome to the forum and have fun! :)

  • ber5nie5ber5nie5 Member Posts: 311
    Welcome to the forum and happy adventuring! :)

  • FenrirWolfgangerFenrirWolfganger Member Posts: 11
    So, two weeks on how's it going? And did you meet Neera (who spell checker changed to Beers?) Rasaad or Down?

  • TaliesminTaliesmin Member Posts: 3
    I've been having a blast! The party has taken an unconventional path through the adventure so far - avoided the Friendly Inn and headed north where we (Imoen & me) creatively farmed Ankhegs which were subsequently transported to Beregost for financial gain. Later we picked up Kivan to help carry the loot and improved the efficiency of the enterprise. Neera was rescued and the adventuring through the wilds continued.

    We stumbled into Gullykin and from there into Firewine Bridge via the secret entrance. I'm not sure how to play Neera, she took out the Ogre Mage almost single handedly with a combination of a wand of monster summoning and her wild magic going supernova. Luckily the rest of the group were in another room when that happened. Afterwards we continued south and got to Durlag's Tower, I knew the party was too underpowered to tackle the quest but we went in anyway - what could possibly go wrong? On the second floor Imoen got trapped in the room next to the doorway to the roof when Neera's wild magic shenanigans did their thing. Imoen panicked and ran straight through the door and became Basilisk fodder! I had completely forgotten about those creatures.

    That was typical Imoen the human landmine detector when it comes to finding traps. Despite having 75 points in the skill, she seems to stumble into traps rather than spot them before it's too late.

    One reload later, we are avoiding the tower and continuing the unconventional route gathering experience before tackling the main quest of the game. I presume we can sneak in the back entrance of the Nashkel mines and deal with Mulahey without having to deal with the pesky Kobolds. Messing with the game mechanics is part of the fun replaying the game after all these years.

    Just for kicks I brought Sharteel into the party, equipped her with the Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity, the Helmet of Opposite Alignment will do wonders for her/his personality but i think I have to complete Durlag's Tower to get it.

    Neera has volunteered the location of Adoy's Enclave so we'll sort that out before getting on to the main quest.

  • ber5nie5ber5nie5 Member Posts: 311
    You are bringing back fond memories my adventurous friend! :)

  • GorumaGoruma Member Posts: 19
    Indeed, better bud-kicking than bud-hurting. Enjoy! ;)

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