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Good alternative to paladin?

I've always played paladins but eventually you want something new and find your old habits constricting. I deleted the longer write-up to avoid taxing your patience with a text well, but here are some crucial points:

- high AB and HP etc. for a direct combat role, involving normal metal weapons and armour
- preferably good Persuade (not necessarily perfect)
- Good alignment

I was thinking about:
- Rogue/Fighter/CoT
- vanilla Bard
- Fighter/HS/CoT
- some odd WM build that isn't about small weapons
- something with PDK for a module with allies in combat
- some custom class

Not Cleric, though. And not really Druid, though there's certainly nothing wrong with the class. And no Monk.

I've recently done Ranger and HS levels on my paladins, even Rogue a while earlier, and would be more intrigued by something closer to Fighter.

Alternatively just Paladin but maybe a new way to play it? Something non-obvious, like is there anything? I've already done Rogue, Ranger and HS levels.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,566
    go the red dragon disciple route;


    then do fighter at level 1
    bard at level 2 ( and if you can spare it set your tumble to 5 for that extra AC bonus )
    and then do 3 more levels of fighter ( just make sure that the time you hit level 5 you have 8 ranks in lore )
    then starting at level 6 you can do all your levels in red dragon disciple

    and then after you have hit all 10 levels of red dragon disciple, level up your bard 2 or 3 more levels just so you can get your tumble up to 20 ranks ( just make sure you dont go pass level 4 in bard before level 20 ) so then you can get that sweetski AC bonus

    and level the rest up with fighter and go to town stomping on monster baddies, this build works great with either weapon and shield style or 2 handed weapon style

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 348
    I was gonna say yeah the Red Dragon Disciple is pretty good.

    Being Immune to fire is always handy as it's the most common element you will fight against

    If you really wanted the Torm class you could still get it later and benefit from the extra feats you lost out on with RDD.

    It's a shame the RDD isn't more like PnP, from what I hear you get spells, claws and a bite attack which would make an interesting Monk/RDD and choose your Dragon type, I like the idea of an evil Monk/Black Dragon Disciple.

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