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What’s a good place to grind some late game XP?

I’m playing a no reload game. I’ve done everything in the main storyline except go downstairs in the thieves guild and run after Sarevok.

I’m at about 110,000 XP per character.

I’d like to face him at max XP, or at least max level (I’m playing a sorcerer).

What are some good tactics for grinding? Are there any easy things I might be forgetting?

Is there maybe a place where I can rest and reliably spawn a high XP foe?

The only area I know I could explore but haven’t is the lower levels of Durlag’s Tower. Since it is a no reload game, going down there doesn’t interest me too much.



  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 6,932
    Probably the best and easiest area is the ankheg hunting area north of the Friendly Arms Inn. Sleep works against ankhegs so it's usually pretty easy too (especially with Xan or an Enchanter PC - the negative save bonus is killer).

  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 214
    edited April 16
    Sirines on the west coast beaches, Flesh Golems in Black Alarics Cave (lighthouse map), Wyverns in the cave in Cloakwood 4 (Coran's trophy wyvern location).

    Sirines are easy if you can block the dire charm effect e.g. elf resistance, also bad RNG can get an NPC feebleminded.
    Golems go down fast to +1 projectiles but don't let them melee you, also highly magic resistant.
    Wyverns are risky due to severe poison (5 damage per second!) and they can't be webbed or greased due to flight. Horror/confusion works well on them.

    Ankhegs are therefore best and easiest as @Balrog99 pointed out. Close to BG city, vulnerable to sleep and command when you will have many Lvl 1 spell slots. Less XP per kill than the other options. Acid spit hits hard so make sure party formation leaves your best AC tank as the target. Late game it is easy to lower warrior AC vs missile below -10 so they can only hit on a critical.

    Happy farming!

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  • DinoDinDinoDin Member Posts: 1,326
    edited April 14
    If you're planning on going to BG2, I'd probably just skip trying to farm stuff. I feel like the tedium of trying to spawn guys, plus the risk of being out of position for an ambush, isn't worth it. Even at high levels. Maybe if you're really really close to an extra level on someone. But looking at the XP tables, you're at one more level at most for all the classes.

    The thing is, BG2 experience will rapidly blow away a difference of 50k. It's different if you're pushing on to SoD perhaps, where XP is more stingy.

    Just my opinion though!

  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 214
    In the EEs, the lighthouse map cave spawns carrion crawlers, not golems.

    Haha, shows how long it has been since I tried that one! Just reinforces the point that there are better ways to grind, if you must do it at all.

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