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AoE spell targeting tips?

What's the general consensus on which AoE spells should be cast directly on a creature instead of the ground near them? For example, I remember reading advice somewhere along the lines of: "even if "X" spell can be cast on the ground, you should always cast it directly onto one of the enemy creatures because (reason)" The problem is I can't remember any of the details of that anymore. Maybe they were talking about Dispel magic or a damage spell? I can't remember but would appreciate any tips about best practices for AoE spell targeting please


  • LelandGauntLelandGaunt Member Posts: 83
    Well, from what I've seen so far (relative newcomer here, so best take the following with a grain of salt), the short and maybe not too super helpful answer would be: it depends...
    "Dispel magic" on an enemy mage? Can work either way because most mages don't run around too terribly much, but if you want to be sure aim directly at the mage instead of an area.
    "Remove fear" on your own party? You know the situation, some enemy casts fear and voilà, 2-4 of your guys start running around in panic. If you just want to make sure that one specific character gets un-panicked aim directly at him (because then the spell seems to auto-hit right on that character). But if you want to save as many of your characters as possible and maybe feel like gambling you might better pick a point on the map where you think the "Remove fear" spell might hit more or maybe even all of your characters.
    Damage spells like "Fireball" or "Cloudkill" (or some AoE debuffs like "Slow")? I'd rather pick a point on the map than a specific enemy. If they start running into a direction you might not like, you also might not like the results ;)

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,709
    I would recommend enabling spell range preview.

    Go to Documents - Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition, open the baldur.lua file, and find this line:

    SetPrivateProfileString('Game Options','Show AOE','0')

    Change 0 to 1, save the file.

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,712
    If you're casting the spell normally, targeting a creature doesn't make any real difference. You're still effectively targeting a point on the ground, the instantaneous location of the creature as you cast the spell. I've had castings of Remove Fear miss the targeted party member entirely because they (under one or more haste effects) simply dodged the area of effect.

    If you're casting the spell as part of a sequencer combined with a creature-targeted spell, then your spell will track the target and always find them. Spells cast by AI script often follow this mode as well.

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