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Need help with RP build (DnD cartoon build)

SprstndSprstnd Member Posts: 2

Hi all,

i want to begin a new run in BGEE1 and want to take the group to BGEE2. My idea was to remake the group from the classic Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

Hank -> Ranger
Bobby -> Barbarian
Presto -> Wild Mage
Eric -> Cavalier
Sheila -> Thief
Diana -> Acrobat?

The only big downside of this RP build is that they must be human and i prefer not to dual class to keep their profile as original if possible. Maybe i can dual the thief and im also not sure what class the acrobat would be best compared with to balance out the rest.

I was a real big fan as a kid in the 90s of this animated series and hope someone can help me build this dream lol. Any links are welcome as well.

Thank you very much!


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